1. For Black Friday I picked these two bags up because I just couldn't decide between them. I was leaning more towards the fit pack before getting them in hand. After packing them out I like the flight pack a lot more than I thought would.

  2. Bought a FP3, wife stole it so I bought another. It's perfect for work edc. I really love it.

  3. I just read that it’s about 50% effective at preventing severe disease and that they (cdc) consider 40-60% to be good.

  4. Effective at "preventing severe disease" is a new term. Traditionally it would be evaluated on "preventing infection" so let's stop moving goalposts.

  5. That second paragraph is bullshit FYI. There is no such thing as “immunity debt.”

  6. For those who need Vox to explain things to them like they are 5, and there are plenty of you out there, they have a post about the term and how it is actually real.

  7. Umbrellas are way more useful to the average person than a pocket knife. We need more umbrellas in the EDC world.

  8. Speaking from the perspective of someone in the UK…umbrella for the win!

  9. Shops around me have a $0 ammo transfer fee. Why is everyone rushing to have it shipped to their house?

  10. Fucking grammar nazis I swear. Do we know? Yes. Do we give a shit? Hell no. Is this Honors English class? Is Reddit a proper academic institution where we are holding groundbreaking life altering decisions? Didn’t think so.

  11. It's a self esteem thing is my hunch. "Look. I'm smarter than you. That helps me sleep at night."

  12. I honestly don't want you to look foolish in the real world so I correct people on Reddit for the following three common mistakes:

  13. Give us hard buttons we don't have to look at.

  14. Hey, if I rent a property for 2 years and the owner decides to sell me the place below market price. Do I also demand the owner to give me 2 years of payment towards the down payment? 🤣 Can't believe I'm having an argument over something so basic.

  15. Hey! Houses are appreciating assets. Cars are depreciating assets. You don't account for them the same.

  16. Well, the past two years broke that trend and we're just coming off the peak of high used car prices. I literally sold my Ridgeline for $500 more than what I paid after putting 50k miles on it and driving it for 3 years.

  17. I'm sorry if you think those very basic terms have to be Googled. You're obviously financially illiterate.

  18. Cafe Capriccio and Cafe Italia are both what you’re looking for

  19. Nah, that’s a bullshit assertion.

  20. Nah. Case law is with me.

  21. Good. They were listed separately here which confused me.

  22. Hold on. Holosun EPS has a different footprint than 507? Damn.

  23. I find it both fascinating and terrifying how many people who carry don’t even know the laws around it in their own states. Training goes beyond knowing how to place a shot.

  24. Not if you have the standard Glock night sights like I do lol

  25. I'm glad I didn't wait almost a whole year for the Black Friday sale. It's a great tool.

  26. I was waiting for this sale thanks!

  27. Love my flight pack 3. Big difference between those three is size. Flight pack 3 perfect for edc or work. Other two will feel and look larger depth wise.

  28. I ended up ordering a CPP in Xpac! My first AER very excited!

  29. The quality of these bags is exceptional. You'll love it.

  30. This is the subcompact right? I wonder if the 3.0s are around the corner with the shield plus trigger.

  31. This is the m2.0 Compact, 4” barrel

  32. Oh wow, looking at it sideways it looked like the SC. Same manual safety on both guns that I really like but same 2.0 trigger which isn't bad but not as good as shield plus trigger.

  33. Worst are definitely 1st to 3rd or so Judson to Lexington. Good chance you'll be killed.

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