1. I think I had it a bit easier than most because I’ve always been told I look taller than I am and knew I had really long limbs for my height. I’m 5’5-5’6 but I knew I was probably a vertical type since I first learned about Kibbe (although I entertained DC for a while). The hard part for me was figuring out what my secondary accommodation was - width, curve, or nothing (pure D).

  2. I am laughing so hard, because this is all to accurate. I tend to avoid celebrity discussions for this very reason. I really only feel confident in typing people who I have seen/interacted with as I’m able to get the full package.

  3. Ah thanks so much! I appreciate your presence in the sub so much and you’re one of the people who’s made me feel a lot more confident about engaging in this (admittedly very niche and not important in the grand scheme of things) community.

  4. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for people with ‘atypical’ body types, just that it can make it harder to determine someone’s type. Someone can definitely still figure out what lines suit them best and what they need to accommodate for, and benefit from dressing accordingly. I’m just saying it can be hard to look at someone else’s body and assign a type for them if they deviate a lot from the norm. By muscular, I’m referring to, like, bodybuilders and professional athletes. It can be hard to tell if someone has curve if they’re very lean and muscle in the upper body can easily be mistaken for width.

  5. Demi did Camp Rock in 2008 so she was known as a Disney kid for a few years before Zendaya.

  6. My parents are the same height (both 5’8) and my sister and I are both around 5’5-5’6. I’m pretty sure my mom is also SD but my sister is definitely N fam (probably FN). We actually have a running joke that any clothes we buy that don’t look good on one of us will be guaranteed to suit the other.

  7. A lot of these definitely don’t feel C to me. I’ve long been on the “Lily Collins is SC” train, though, so nice to have a buddy there!

  8. Who do you think isn’t C and what do you think they are instead?

  9. I think she’s like 5’1, which is why I thought gamine family might be more likely! You’re probably right about the absence of double curve though.

  10. I think she’s closer to 5’3! Many SCs are quite conventionally petite as well.

  11. I think Ana De Armas is definitely C fam! Harder to say with Millie because I’m less familiar with her

  12. I thought Saoirse was a verified SC?

  13. I don’t think Kibbe’s ever mentioned her at all!

  14. no wonder jennie kim is an ambassador. she has been classified as FG many times.

  15. We have like the exact same colouring wow! I think I’m mostly neutral but lean slightly warm

  16. Good guesses. I definitely agree on Tanya, Portia and Daphne. Although on second thought I think Portia dresses more SG than she actually is. I think she looks better when honoring vertical. Like that one scene before they start hanging out with the gays and she’s wearing a full length dress; that was way more stunning on her than what she normally wears.

  17. What about DC for Aubrey? I would say she looks fairly balanced with slight elongation and sharpness and reminds me a lot of someone like Lizzy Caplan essence-wise. It also fits with her having some visual width but not looking her best accommodating for it.

  18. I’m seeing a moderate SD, based on essence and what looks good on her.

  19. It has nothing to do with race. She's just an average looking woman; nothing standout about any of her features.

  20. In what universe is she average?

  21. She had a kid and lost a lot of weight post partum (apparently unintentionally).

  22. I thought you were SZA at first glance!

  23. I've never heard of a server assistant position.

  24. A lot of places have it as a combined food runner and busser position basically.

  25. At this point, everyone is FN according to Reddit. If she’s not D idk who is. She’s even known for pulling off D style clothes (them suits)

  26. Ummm first of all Ds aren’t the only ones who are recommended suits and pulling something off isn’t the same as looking completely harmonious in it.

  27. Imagine if a woman with the same features as Tom Holland were to be posted here... she would be getting below average ratings.

  28. I mean you could say the same about someone like Miranda Kerr or Selena Gomez - a man with their features would get a much lower rating than they would because what makes an attractive man isn’t the same as what makes an attractive woman.

  29. But my point is that Tom Holland is average af, and maybe not the exact same features but I meant moreso the feminized version of his features would still render an average woman.

  30. Idk maybe he’s just really not your type but I’m not biased towards Tom in any way and would still say he’s a bit above average even just facially, like a 6 in these photos maybe? Average by Hollywood standards and definitely nothing special or noteworthy but still someone who would be considered one of the cute boys if you went to high school with him (even if he’s not your type personally).

  31. Maybe try to not focus so much on sizing? Sizing has a lot to do with bone structure. For example, a 5’11 woman with wide hips would probably rarely be a size 6 unless she’s at a BMI on low end of “normal”. I see a lot of shorter women (under 5’6) with narrow hips being proud of being smaller sizes and thinking that the taller women are unhealthier than they are, just because they wear a smaller clothing size, even if the taller woman’s BMI is lower than the shorter woman’s.

  32. This! I have a friend who’s my height and weighs less than me but wears a size 8-10 in pants when I wear a size 2-4 because I just have a narrower bone structure with smaller hips. It’s not even a huge visual difference that the average person would notice until we try each other’s clothes on!

  33. I know I'll probably get downvoted for saying this but 2000 calories really isn't a lot and is a pretty typical maintenance amount for an average height, metabolically healthy woman who gets the recommended amount of exercise. Someone who's taller or very active could easily be losing weight (although probably not very quickly) on 2000/day.

  34. Yeah plus more calories = more energy = more exercise use throughout the day, especially micro movements!

  35. Yes! Plus more muscle = higher TDEE. OP said this person was some type of online fitness coach so I’d assume they have more muscle and better nutrition than the average person.

  36. I'm not great with typing men but maybe SD? Definitely soft something and I think he has a pretty long vertical, even for his height.

  37. The Sasha Pieterse post ☠️ I’m not even denying that she’s potentially R but the way so many people were so confident about it would’ve never happened if she was thinner imo. I bet far more people would type her as SN or SC in that case. She’s mid sized though so it was “all I see is softness! She’s so round! Like two circles stacked on top of each other!”

  38. I’ve been diagnosed as AN/BP subtype the second time I went IP. Warning: behaviors.

  39. It's seasonal. Retail increases staff significantly over holidays. Then you have winter seasonal activities in Canada like ski resorts, etc. Looking at total employment MoM with no seasonal weighting is so silly.

  40. Aren't there a lot of seasonal summer jobs as well though?

  41. I've changed my view in that aspect a bit.. I don't think 'naturally skinny' is truly a thing, but I do think your frame is a huge part of how you look. See how some kpop girls are tall but so so thin and yet you can't see their ribs because their skeleton is so compact so they look like they're not starving themselves? Meanwhile I start looking emaciated at a barely uw bmi because I have a larger frame so even if I weren't starving I'd get the snarky 'eat a burger ' comments.

  42. This! I don’t want this to sound like a humble brag but I think this is me and in my case I just have really long skinny legs for my body so I look a lot thinner than I am if you can only see my legs.

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