1. If you’re ever in the Don valley hood I’ve got a good group of buds that are always keen to ride and we’re all of the volition “the more the merrier”. We start up Tuesday and Thursday night rides sometime in the next few weeks/month! If you’re interested don’t hesitate to drop me a message sometime! We’re a very “chill ride” kinda group that do not take ourselves seriously lol.

  2. I might take you up on that offer. Last year was my first in the Don. I always got lost and I’d spend more time looking at Trailforks than riding.

  3. Check out golfballs.ca my friend…if you can live with playing a ProV1 that was taken out of the sleeve and shanked into the woods on the first shot.

  4. The earliest fitting I could book at TXG was June, so I decided to give StudioX a try. Heard it’s improved from the “regular” GolfTown fitting. I’ll report back in a few weeks!

  5. Modern turbo engines like fresh oil. I change mine every 5k. I have my euro mechanic service the DSG and Haldex every 40k and 30k, respectively. Slap a stage 1 ECU and TCU tune on it for more performance. Upgrade the rear sway bar if you want less understeer. Enjoy the car!

  6. If your miss is a hook, and you're not working on having a more neutral swing path and don't have adjustable and/or weights on your driver head, you can reduce the severity of the hook by playing a shorter driver.

  7. Definitely working on a better swing path, but as you know, old habits die hard.

  8. Do you want to go fast, or really fast? Both cars have very low mileage. Make sure maintenance has been kept up with. I’d go with the RS3.

  9. I was looking at the Meta TR but ended up going with an SC hightower. I just love that gunmetal grey. Would have matched my A3 too 🤣

  10. There’s something about having a matching car and bike. I get more compliments on the combination compared to when the roof is naked

  11. Level will be different depending on what temperature the coolant/ antifreeze is at, it’s called an expansion reservoir because coolant expands as it gets hot. Maybe you checked it at different temperatures?

  12. Different time of the year, sure. But both times the engine was off for 6+ hours

  13. Definitely high, but there is an overflow tube molded into the expansion tank so if it needs to, it will just overflow out that. I wouldnt worry about it

  14. Thank you! I was planning on removing some, but I might just monitor it for now.

  15. Thanks a lot! Live in Pickering. Yourself?

  16. Congrats on the sweet ride! My friend had a MT MK7 R which ultimately made me pull the trigger on an S3. I’m relatively new to the Pickering area, so maybe I’ll see you around!

  17. I drove my S3 stock for 2 years and enjoyed it. Still a very capable small sedan in stock form. I prioritized maintenance, as well as tint and PPF.

  18. What do you mean by laughable? Not worth it? I was thinking of doing one.

  19. I think you’ve answered your own question. I never go to the stealership unless it’s warranty related.

  20. Don’t forget brake fluid.

  21. Rotors, pads and fluid are in the spring. I plan on tackling that project myself.

  22. Are you local in the GTA? Mind sharing the shop? I need to do the same soon

  23. It’s in the Niagara region. He knows the MQB platform inside and out and I trust his work and pricing. I know people who drive from out of town for him. Dm me if you want more info

  24. I went from my S3 to an S4 but i’d LOVE to get an RS3. The agility and power looks ridiculous. TBH I liked my S3 over my S4

  25. As a current S3 owner wondering what my next car will be, thank you for some insight

  26. I just talked to my euro mechanic about this and the cold weather definitely plays a part in it. I had this happen a few months back and continued to drive my car for a few days until I had time to run to the dealership to get coolant. Top it off and keep an eye on the level. My level hasn’t dropped since. 2016 with 63k miles.

  27. Was your GTI modded? Everything about the the RS3 is awesome, as long as you like a simple interior. It wouldn’t feel like a huge upgrade to me besides (obviously) the motor, but I still think it will be my next car.

  28. I'd take the blue blade and remove the razor and attach to the Milwaukee handle

  29. They both have their place. If you are cutting up cardboard boxes, use the Fastback and save the blade on the Bugout.

  30. That’s why I keep both handy. The Milwaukee gets used at work. I got the Bugout because it’s lightweight.

  31. I have an s3 and often ask myself this. Still not sure. I take good care of my car and hope to drive it for many more years!

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