1. looks fantastic! i haven’t gotten results this good when pushing 400, how was it developed?

  2. Thank you! Dilution of Rodinal in 1+25, for 20 minutes with a rotary processor.

  3. thanks! when you say rotary, do you mean constant agitation?

  4. I mean, the tank was seated on a device with rollers, which were being rotated by a motor.

  5. First two are with the 50mm. The last three are with the 28mm 2.8 AiS.

  6. Oh the memories... (different car though)

  7. What have I missed? I stopped watching his videos...

  8. According to ADOX, it is a brand new color emulsion. I see no reason to not trust that. Also, Ferrania stopped making color film in 2009, while, according to ADOX, Color Mission was coated "a few years ago", which coincides with InovisCoat's bankruptcy.

  9. How do "we know that it was not Ferrania"? Because they say "it was coated a few years ago"? There was nothing stopping them from having it in cold store for 10+ years. Also, where does Adox say that is it a "brand new color emulsion"? Nothing is for sure. I only judge by what I see with my own eyes between the two film stocks.

  10. No, it doesn't say it is a new emulsion. They just got the first batch of their order and that facility went bankrupt. We all want new color films in the market, but we should just be careful with what we read. If this film was a new emulsion, Adox would market it clearly as that. It changes nothing for me, I really hope Adox gets the funds they want to start producing new color film stocks.

  11. Set them up as background to show off my cameras on the internet, of course ;)

  12. Probably a function of a very strong thumb.

  13. I haven’t seen his work, but if you are asking for permission, it’s not street photography.

  14. Show us the barcode on the canister.

  15. My lab has the cannister but I don't remember seing a barcode on it. It was just a sticker on a black cannister or where could it be located?

  16. Should be below or where DX code would be.

  17. Are you kidding? Price is GOOD. Where is that?

  18. I don’t suppose they have an online store…

  19. Radio Retro 3.6. Not bad, not terrible.

  20. So, is it tungsten or is it led?

  21. https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/what-is-tungsten-light-photography/

  22. https://www.toyo-led.com/en/light-emitting-diodes-led-vs-tungsten-light-bulb/

  23. Poor camer... oh wait, it's a Zenit.

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