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There won’t be a significant raise in „official“ DRS numbers because they can’t exceed 304.7 m shares in total! The number depends on Cede/DTCC numbers only! The true number is way higher 🚀

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Ape historian | so I trawled through what I have backed up over the last few days regarding the latest debate around drs shares. Dear friends, dear mods , can you read this please

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UBS CEO resignes

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  1. All true up until you started mentioning margin calls.

  2. And that’s the exact reason why I believe MOASS has to be started by an overall market crash and not the other way around.

  3. What makes you believe short interest is only 20-30%? Because SeaBiscuit told you the shorts closed? Because in the SEC documents, that's the only proof that the SEC gave for shorts closing on over 200% short interest.

  4. So where does Cede and Co's numbers come from? Is it from them or from Computershare?

  5. Weird that auto mod hasn’t shown up yet.

  6. If that’s an authentic candle and not some weak sauce glitch…. I’ll be a happy fella

  7. I’m just having thoughts in my head of that rule change that NYSE would consider all after hours trades as long.

  8. Link to that rule change by any chance? Does consider long just mean assume long or would shorting not be allowed after hours?

  9. How? I've been searching for years to deploy the Wi-Fi key, and it always came down to an XML file and a netsh command

  10. Any mdm like intune has a policy for the Wi-Fi.

  11. all I can say is be prepared for a dip if people/shills are hyping dates.

  12. Honestly for the sake of a prolonged MOASS GME can’t be the reason the markets crash. They have to crash first.

  13. They could just say it was because of the debt ceiling getting too close. People would buy that easily.

  14. Rather they blame congress than gme.

  15. So am I the only one that finds it at least slightly suspicious that FTX owned 1.1 billion dollars worth of Robinhood? The same Robinhood that turned off the buy button on January 28th 2021 which so happens to be the day after FTX started their tokenized stocks and the same Robinhood that Citadel Founder Kenneth Griffin said had zero contact with prior to them turning off the buy button and the same FTX that the President of used to work for Citadel?

  16. So let’s see if my crayon filled brain can figure this out.

  17. Was that the sequel to the recording? Didn’t know the fbi investigated him

  18. Ya that’s why he stopped posting.

  19. There's nothing really being claimed here except basic math.

  20. I’ll say this every day forever. No cell no sell. Who cares how this game of manipulated securities is being played? It’s game over someday. They are trying to delay it even more no matter what apes do. What happened to the swaps expiring? Having to buy 300,000,000 shares? I want to know about that.

  21. I believe we're at the stage now like we were in early 2008 where the big players all knew the writing was on the wall, but they forced the orchestra to keep playing the music that we call the market until there was absolutely no music to play and the music just stopped.

  22. So we should sell fractionals first, ask questions later? Not that I advocate for or against it (I always bought my shares from the broker and moved them afterwards so I have no fractionals in first place), but I see how some apes might have mixed feelings about that

  23. Wait. This might fall under the 3 exclusions.

  24. I sent in a few over the course of this shitshow. They were denied due to something something ongoing law enforcement and a handful of other generic reasons given.

  25. You got a letter like this before the rejections?

  26. So while I’m afraid of CBCDs for personal reasons on top of the reasons mentioned on this sub, I think it’ll be a VERY long time before they get implemented. I’m talking generations.

  27. The fire chief explaining exactly what happened on TV while the building is burning isn’t something you would expect to see at such a large commercial building fire, usually you would hear something along the lines of “we will do a thorough investigation”

  28. So I work at a large private high school and have a few firefighter contacts. Because of that I know a few things.

  29. Couldn’t the “non-evasion” part be (quite clearly) abused to still fuck us?

  30. So the way I see the non-evasion part is say China wanted to circumvent this act. They get a U.S. company involved and are like if you help us we’ll buy a ton of company x stock in a month and you can buy it now and then sell after we finish buying the stock so you’d make tons of money.

  31. No it explicitly applies to "(B) includes any other holding, the structure of which is designed or intended to evade or circumvent the application of this Act, subject to regulations prescribed by the Secretary."

  32. That is there IMHO to prevent US companies from conducting businesses with the countries designated as foreign adversaries in ways that would allow them to circumvent compliance with the law.

  33. Wow. They had so much confidence in their arguments that they waited until the 11th hour to post them.

  34. I disagree. Did you actually read it? Even half of it??? Comments flood into the threads down playing it, flexing, displaying and showboating their "cReDiBiLiTy" to prevent others from reading the bill itself.

  35. I read all of it. Including the definition of covered holding. That definition of holding is to define the term but a covered holding are the only ones that apply to the bill.

  36. Nowhere in this Bill does it state 'TIK-TOK', it's very broad language and they reserve the right to shut down any communication sites/devices. Is Reddit a communication site? They want to shut down free speech. Forgot to add, here is the direct link to the Bill:

  37. This bill only applies to holdings and websites managed directly or indirectly by the governments of

  38. so DTCC is the parent company, DTC is a subsidiary of the DTCC, and Cede & Co is a nominee account for DTC.

  39. But you said it yourself, GME could also get that data from the DTCC.

  40. Ya gme could get it from elsewhere, but they can also ask the dtcc. If the dtcc says we got 75% and CS says they have 74% no we have an investigation. Likely to be blamed on a clerical error at a small fund/tute and now they have less collateral and another domino falls

  41. But that's my point entirely. So there are 2 places that have how much Cede and Co has

  42. Turns out they found out now that he violated COVID protocols 3 years ago and they are firing a CEO of a major bank because of that.

  43. So quick update: Guess who's now mentioning it?

  44. I very much doubt that they'd like to call attention to that document being late. In fact I don't think that they'd want to call attention to that document at all.

  45. I agree, especially with the bank failures in the public conscious now.

  46. Somebody said 2 years ago that the fuckery could go on for years.we all said is fud.i guess he was right.volume dont matter,margin dont exist,no forced buyins,market is a scam

  47. But then why follow the trend line at all? If they could completely control the price it would’ve been zero a long time ago.

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