1. I see one more hole to join in the fun

  2. That’s a amazing view none the less

  3. Im down to help when I can add me tristen-dumo01

  4. It was cause the auto skill system or whatever it's called I turn mine off when I'm in a rough fight so I can chain better and reach level3 skills easier since I'm duel-weild/Bow user lol......how often do you need super arts cause I only trig it on something that won't die quick enough🤣

  5. With the damage I been putting out I use it alot I like to make my fights go quick lol

  6. Yep did it right after it’s funny how I got my save back and it was turned on maybe I did it and didn’t kno

  7. More or less I fig the more the better plus I had to restart I had some issue with my save so fig let's make some friend and join forces

  8. Bless me with that rain shower

  9. It happen once to me but I lost internet and that's how it happened

  10. I only have strea and Philip if I am correct sry I didn't respond to this sooner

  11. I actually finally beat it the other day! I was level 90 so no. You just need to have good gear and be very careful

  12. I'm its keeps saying I can do it and it's kinda getting me mad lol

  13. What level are you currently? Best advice would be to take the advice in the comments of this post others have given to me for grinding if you’re low levelled. The boss is around level 105 if you do it on normal difficulty. So anything past that should overpower it. I just constantly spammed final resolution while playing very cautiously. In terms of gear I can’t entirely help you there.

  14. That behemoth of a cock is really impressive yep that's were I eyes went

  15. Let me be a titan and smash that wall

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