1. Be patient, lose your ego, learn to love empty bar technique work. Make empty bar technique work your religion

  2. Ya that’s why I just do instant mashed potatoes for potlucks now. Nobody really cares for fancy stuff

  3. Have you tried to widen your grip? Maybe you like the bar riding up into the hip more for cleans .

  4. I would bring the elbows even higher before turning over. Get those elbows up to the ear level and should make that turnover even snappier and smoother

  5. No those are hairs. Doesn’t looks like balls at least to me it doesn’t 🤙

  6. What’s is your lifestyle like as far as job, life stresses outside of GI issues, do you exercise regularly, dietary choices pre 2020? Covid related? Vaccine related? Anxiety meds harsh on the stomach?

  7. Medium looks hot! What’s your runoff EC? This looks like burn/overdose but pictures can be tricky

  8. You have to take a step back and look at everything you do outside of training such as sleep, recovery, nutrition etc. the harder you train, the more intentional & purposeful your recovery must be. Sleep should be just as much a priority as training. And not the kind of sleep where you’re looking at a phone screen immediately before bed. It makes a difference

  9. Makes sense. Eating enough and getting good sleep seems to be a biggest takeaway from this thread. I have no concept of nutrition and don't know where to start, though I do take multivites each day.

  10. You should definitely talk with your in person coach about nutrition and what helped her recover during her Olympic days

  11. Any trade interest? I've got a modded Benchmade 560BK-1 that I'm looking to move!

  12. They literally don’t know what they’re even mad about

  13. Grodan has a recycling program. I have not used them but it is advertised on their website.

  14. Really? I’ve asked them through social media and email about what they’re doing to stay sustainable but have never gotten a response back ever

  15. Where should I post this ? It’s a gym magazine

  16. Get into rack position as best you can then have someone push your elbows up at the same time youre keeping your ribcage and abs neutral

  17. Bar too far behind head. It should be right above your ears with a more neutral head/neck position. Don’t exaggerate the head poke through

  18. Looks fine and it will work itself out once you have the proper overhead position. The bar won’t have to travel as far. Right now it’s doing some weird looping messing up your third pull because again, the bar is too far back

  19. Your feet are collapsing in. Try to be conscious of foot control and rooting into the ground barefoot before squats

  20. That’s all the variations.. What the fucks left 🤣?

  21. It’s choil. Big lump with knobs. It has the juice

  22. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!

  23. Mine didn't go away for about a week. That pain is the result of an inflamed phrenic nerve, so while the nerve remains irritated the pain will continue. Your doctor can prescribe you something for nerve pain if it's really bad. Gabapentin is a good one. Otherwise you can manage it with ibuprofen and it should go away on its own.

  24. Does GB removal irritate the phrenic nerve? Vagus nerve ?

  25. 100 percent. I've found myself noticing this a couple times that because I spend most of time depressed, whenever I do feel positive emotion it almost feels fake. Like "nah this ain't me, I'm supposed to be sad. If I'm feeling happy then something is up". Hard to get rid of that.

  26. Yeah i catch myself a lot in this kind of moment. Always Trying to bring Awareness to it right away so I catch myself

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