1. I saw a total of 4 posts. I literally want to throw up.

  2. But she wouldn’t because she is the employee.

  3. I see a lot of moms here! As a nanny and a mom bringing my child to work, here is my take:

  4. Nooooo😂😂 and here I thought I looked decent lol

  5. Honestly this is super nice that you are trying to make them feel welcome! As a nanny who brings my own baby to work, I really wouldn’t expect you to provide anything at all, but maybe ask your nanny if they would like to keep some things at your house! My NF has a drawer in the baby’s dresser that I can keep diaper, wipes and a spare outfit for my baby. They also allow me to keep a pack and play there for my kid to nap in.

  6. I know it’s not expected, but my own work would provide/do little things that made a big difference in my comfort and it’s made me love working there. I know it’s also really uncomfortable with work from home parents. I don’t want her feeling like she’s tiptoeing around us. I want to make sure she feels welcomed. We do have a pack and play and noise machine in the guest room so I think I’ll make sure there’s some sort of storage for extra things for her daughter. I think I just need to accept the babydoll will need to move into my daughter’s room during the week 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. I’m so sure your nanny will be so grateful that you are being so welcoming, we wish all employers were like this💕💕

  8. Ok so like other people have said, this definitely warrants a conversation and stop paying her for sick days BUT personally, my care account is always active. Even if I have a full time job, because I do date nights on the side so it doesn’t NECESSARILY mean that she is having other jobs while getting double pay.

  9. Hey! I totally see the difference. The folds in the jeans look more realistic too! You did amazing!

  10. I did this with my first round of taxes. It was fun. 😂

  11. I HATE glitter!! Can’t stand it! Refuse to include it in any activity I do with the kids. If NP’s have it in the house I hide it lol

  12. This is the one right here. I am a-okay with messes as long a I can actually clean them up. But you can’t just clean up glitter. You will find it in your buttcrack 3 months later.

  13. Yes!! My NM used to let the kids (age 21/2, 6, 9) watch one 30 minute show a day. She says they ask for it too much so now it’s nothing. Cold weather is here and no more playing outdoors for hours and going to the park. My days with them have begun to be very long!

  14. Omg I had a family like this! Except for us it was virtual school and only 1hr of screen time a week! I would have about 2-3 school free hours with them every day. It was awesome.

  15. Nanny here who wants to bring my future kids to work with me.

  16. Hey, nanny who brings their baby along here. I generally do my interviews like this.

  17. As someone who does it, (bring my baby with me) I think it just doesn’t make sense to put my baby in a daycare or with a nanny to go be a nanny myself. Do you? In my area, I don’t even make enough to afford daycare, so it’s bring him with me or I don’t work. And I have to work cause we can’t afford to live otherwise.

  18. Does the size of the house matters if they don’t wfh? It’s just me and the baby at the house all day

  19. I can see if they may have an issue with you using their primary bathroom that they use, to shower. I get a little antsy even when family and friends use my bathroom/shower. But if they have guest bathrooms then it should be no problem, imo.

  20. Holy shit. I’m in atl too. How?? I have a hard time finding anything above $22.

  21. Atl. $20/hr for 1 Nk, +$2-5/hr per extra kid depending on age and level of difficulty

  22. I love and. Rachel! It’s best if you do the singing and signing with them too!

  23. Book theory perhaps? I’ve thought it would be books for years

  24. He already said that wasn’t it because it would take too long to read books to post often enough

  25. A car seat. They only get one crash and then they’re unsafe, and there is no way to know if it has been properly taken care of.

  26. It can be. If couples are using less reliable methods of contraception, such as the rhythm method or pulling out, or if they were drunk and forgot to use a condom.

  27. I guess, but in a normal scene, it's not an accidents at all since the question did say that it is in no form of contraception at all.

  28. Like I said, if they forgot to use contraception, If they were in the heat of the moment and plan B didn’t work (an instance of purposely not using contraception during Inter irse, with the intention of doing it later), or one of the people thought they were sterile (for whatever reason), accident.

  29. Wow so i burn like 13.5 calories everytime??

  30. The fact that you had me doing the math😂

  31. How do you afford that?! I wish I could take 1!!! ☹️☹️☹️

  32. Well I pay out of pocket, I typically have a payment plan in place, and I have a 2 income household? We have a baby but we both contribute to bills so it’s more doable. I didn’t take any classes this fall do because we had a gap with both our jobs and couldn’t afford it.

  33. I should look into a payment plan. I’d love to take a winter or summer class. Ease the load during the full semester cause it’s so stressful taking 5 at once…for me at least.

  34. You should! It’s really easy, I do it right on paws, my payment plan is typically 4 monthly payment of like $300 if take 12 CH. They start before school starts though, so as soon as your registered and your balance is posted, look for it cause there is a limit. Like once it’s like a week or 2 before class starts you won’t be able to do it anymore.

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