What's a movie that can be identified by one quote?

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  1. Yeah sexy nun costumes are offensive to Christians, but Christians have spent ~10 generations living in post-Enlightenment societies being taught that speech, parody, and even mockery are inalienable freedoms, so they put up with it.

  2. So who gets to decide this? Is there an Arbiter of Offensiveness that says my Christian friends have no right to be offended by a sexy nun costume while Native Americans should be offended by headdresses? What if I wanted to wear a sari? Is that offensive? Should i make sure I'm dressed as a Brahmin, who have historically not had to deal with the same kind of oppression as lower castes and therefore are ok to offend?

  3. You're acting as if there's supposed to be some sort of simple top-down ruleset for cultural appropriation.

  4. OK i am confused about this. So sexy nun is ok, but headdress is not? Can I dress like a Saudi oil sheikh? Can I wear a sari? What about lederhosen?

  5. Don't talk about it and tell them not to. If they insist, stay away and tell them why.

  6. I can identify with this. Half of the people i know including family have been Trump supporters, pretty hardcore. It doesn't make them bad people - some of them have been there for me in my worst moments, I'd trust them with my kids, my money, whatever. Neither are they stupid or crazy, and they occasionally make a good point. But the ones that are STILL supporting Trump at this point have drifted too far into fantasyland to really talk politics with, so i just don't do it.

  7. This is my answer. The horror of that book was magnified by the family tragedy and grief. You saw it coming but there was nothing you could do.

  8. I'm a still a fledgling enthusiast and only learned to drive comparatively late in life, in my late 30s. I'd been in a car accident as a teenager where I wasn't the driver, but it was a bad one and kind of gave me an ambivalent feeling about cars. I always sat shotgun but that day my friend asked me to switch places and I agreed. We wiped out on a country road, slammed into a tree and my friend got brain damage and was never the same.

  9. The no weight class days. Those guys were real dogs.

  10. Thats debatable but its the nature of the sport. Its inevitable

  11. You have people now that are equally well rounded, they can fight longer and deliver more damage. Gaethje and fergie one example but many more. Fights didn’t go like that before

  12. Dehydration from lack of good water. Vitamin/iron deficiency from lack of good food (among most people). Especially in the late 1800s early 1900s when less-than-safe gases were used in homes for heating and light that made people woozy and sometimes hallucinate.

  13. I thought it was mostly a literary device used for dramatic effect, especially at a time when women were seen to have delicate constitutions that made them vulnerable to fainting from strong emotion. Hard to believe that people were losing consciousness regularly because if dehydration or toxins or whatever.

  14. It's like when people ask stuff like: "Toxic Karens of reddit, why are you like this?"

  15. Toxic Karens of Reddit who fly the confederate flag and are also left-handed agoraphobes, what's your favorite item in Costco?

  16. I mean I think the show used to be stronger with Mary Berry and the previous two hosts (Sue and the other one, forgot her name). Matt and Noel are just super awkward and don't come off as personable. Paul Hollywood is playing his role and he's never been a huge draw on his own, but he used to fit in better with the others there to balance him out. Now, everyone around him is just kinda there and there's not as strong of a dynamic going on between the judges and hosts.

  17. Also when guys actually act like guys, or men, in the positive sense of the word

  18. Your phone is the biggest factor for why you hate yourself

  19. I don't personally own a vehicle that can be reved loudly, but I have gotten the chance to use one.

  20. I know they feeling, bro. ( Revs CRV engine proudly.)

  21. Romans drew dicks on walls, some of them survived to the present day

  22. Had a white rental Explorer once. Even cops think you’re a cop

  23. Try a black Charger. First time I drove it upstate i was amazed at how polite and respectful was on the Interstate. When people were sure I wasn't a cop though it would either piss them off or attract racers or those weird "highway-tag" people.

  24. I always viewed GMC vs Chevy as Utility vs Fun. Many GMC models seem to be almost exactly the same, but are more professional looking. A contractor buying a nice work truck goes GMC, a surfer who needs something for his boards probably wants the Chevy.

  25. Don't know how it is elsewhere but here in NYC most pickups rarely see anything bigger than an IKEA box in their beds, whether they are high end or not.

  26. Although I haven’t been driving for very long, I’ve been writing almost my entire life, so I’ll do my best to explain.

  27. Jeez what a monster. Dodge didn't fuck around with that engine

  28. Because soft touch materials are often said in the same breath as their foe, the dreaded hard plastic materials. Easy thing to point out in a review i guess?

  29. I don't even know what that means any more. As a sort of new enthusiast i'm a little confused by all the steering descriptions -- responsive but numb, vague etc

  30. That sub does produce some hilarity occasionally but as a movie buff I do love discussing movies even if they are old, already iconic etc

  31. Brooklyn 99, Community, Firefly. There, reddit. There’s all your favorite shows. I proved you guys are literally all the same. Oh and fuck the big bang theory

  32. I've never seen any of those shows actually but then again i'm sort of behind the times

  33. I distinctly remember a lack of that scene in that movie.

  34. I enjoyed it, having read it after watching Blade Runner. My first PKD novel as well, and the bit that really grated was how all of a sudden it just hit "the end".

  35. To me the theme of that book was loneliness and the feeling of separation from humanity. Deckard feels it, the androids feel it, the chickenhead guy feels it, people are willing to spend top dollar for a pet, even a mechanical one, that will serve as a companion. Having seen the movie first, I was struck by how the book was first and foremost about human feelings, rather unusual in sci fi.

  36. Watch the movie The Death of Stalin. It’s a masterpiece.

  37. My family learned English from this movie. Some of my cousins still speak with a Cuban accent.

  38. Some day you will find a girl that loves Lucifer as much as you do.

  39. Couldn't they design in spring elements to make up for the slop as it wears?

  40. why are people downvoting this question? this sub is weird sometimes

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