1. I have been doing at home workouts since May 12, 2018. That’s when I decided to start my weight loss journey

  2. I just like her personality. She seems really down to earth

  3. I hate it when people lie about their weight loss and make it seem like their photoshopped bodies are attainable, smh.

  4. Yes because a 20 inch waist with no organs and 42 inch hips is sooo natural and realistic /s

  5. Can someone please point out the warping? Cuz my nearsighted ass can’t see it 😅

  6. No, it’s not real. For your waist to be THAT cinched? Nope. But you do you 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Bro, this HAS to be a joke. That thing looks like it could poke someone’s eye out. Why? Just why?

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