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  1. Mass Effect is actually on my list to finally play as well. I hear amazing things.

  2. Same! The best thing is that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be for free (PS Plus)! :D

  3. You lucky person man i wish i got another fragmented for i can empower the one i own

  4. I guess my luck is now spent for a few months, sorry 😂

  5. Congrats! I got it a few days ago from a gold chest.

  6. I always get food too. This was a really lucky moment haha

  7. Guys the dtv 50 coin chest only gives dragons. Nevertheless, you still need luck to get a good one haha

  8. I got war titan, basically completely useless for me but at least it wasn't the T9 regular I got last time LOL

  9. People read this post and assume OP is Ms. Elisabeth Guerrilla, original founder and current CEO of Guerrilla Games asking for permission to immediately cancel every single ongoing project to focus on a Multiplayer Spin-off right now

  10. Regarding the post, Yes I think a multiplayer game or game mode would be really cool and interesting to explore more stories in the setting.

  11. Yes, seeing Horizon's world from another perspective would be interesting and fighting machines with friends would definitely make fun af.

  12. Changing the poses and expressions of NPCs, moving the camera in settlements

  13. If you get 300 orbs then yes. So you should turn on the flight mode when you are playing since your progress won't be saved. Then you can buy the items and collect the reward. If you get 300 orbs then you should get out of the game, turn of the flight mode and enter the game once more to buy the items and get the orbs. Everything that you can get out of this chests is already determined so you'll still get the 300 orbs.

  14. You should be able to get one more key from the Oni path that just got unlocked today. Only cost 535 coins. If you already did that then id say it’s still worth it. 200/300 L jokers & one of each battle perk is really good for 178 gems.

  15. Thanks for answer! Unfortunately, I already got the keys from the Oni path and the 1 is now missing.

  16. I love this app! It looks really smooth on my 120hz display and the fact that the most functions are for free is soo nice!

  17. I bred this dragon when it was still called Legendary Dragon (and when you had no way of checking the egg possibilities).

  18. I remember those times ... I tried to breed it back then but stopped playing DC someday. So it's nice to finally have it after years of qutting and returning to the game! :)

  19. How did you get your screenshots on the console to your phone? Also, to a computer? I’m assuming a thumb drive?

  20. You can use the PS app to get it on your phone (but PS5 only)

  21. I also dream sometimes about Horizon, mostly combat scenes. The last dream was even today XD. I was fighting an Apex Tideripper, constantly dodging, using normal arrows, switching to a Spike Thrower ...

  22. Is Drakka somehow on Reddit?

  23. Pbfg says:

    I suppose the question should really be .. why does it matter?

  24. Maybe the Tab S9 could get adaptive 120hz and a ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?

  25. Pbfg says:

    Well, there are no right answers as you said since what is 'worth it' is highly subjective. I suppose OP's question invites subjective answers, no?

  26. The roulette chest appears in my storage everytime I load the game. Once you open the storage and interact with it, nothing would happen. However, once you close the storage the roulette would disappear. But again, it would reappear when I close and open the game. Weird glitch I hope it doesn't affect gameplay.

  27. Hmm, I thought it was a glitch with DTV when you could watched for the green tokens although the event was over (last event before heroic race).

  28. That also happened to me. But this one's different. Idk how I got it.

  29. People in my team, including me, are still getting green tokens 😭😭😭😭

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