1. Oh that’s the reason for the rocket

  2. Ugh snatch it up quick that’s a nice price for the rig. Inspect the hell out of it

  3. Interesting to see what happens. I did a quick googling, but couldn't get a reliable figure for their outstanding shares. Yahoo Finance had their float at 320 million shares, but nothing on outstanding shares. And some other source had their shorted shares at 6.5 million shares.

  4. There’s a whole subreddit with that info… whether true or not.

  5. MMTLP was a spinoff of the merger. Preferred Shares somethingsomething.

  6. This is the tale. I’m not sure why it didn’t blow up harder when it was found trade-able because it was just supposed to be a dividend for the land buyout. But here we are and I’m just watching the game being played (30 mmtlp from merge)

  7. Get him an EQ pedal. He doesn’t know he needs it yet… maybe he does.

  8. Big river, me and my uncle. I’ll throw west la fade away in the ring too. Most are country covers.

  9. All y’all need to learn the motto: “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast!” Feel the friction of the water for as long as possible. Every swim video I see with “help with technique” y’all try to move those arms as fast as possible or flail about thinking moving faster =swimming faster.

  10. Go to a doctor… but strengthen the muscles around the knee, stretch, and get fit for good shoes and soles!

  11. If this wasn’t a gift, I would not use it. My year is up in march. It’s cool to know metrics, but I don’t do anything with them. All I need is miles, HR, power, and mile splits lol. I see the whoop as a boojie fitness accessory, mainly for HIIT athletes not for distance athletes.

  12. I’ll say I’m content. But I didn’t really see myself as successful until I got a back handed complement, “I don’t know how he’s so successful.” From an older dude I used to work with. It took me off guard and I went on to reflect that I have a pretty kush life.

  13. Shows are listed by dates they’re on there for me

  14. I love when they do the intro with Jarrod's pedal. I don't know how to describe that sound, it's almost electronic but also has a lush quality, like dripping water. I wonder what he uses, the whole band should do a collective rig rundown

  15. Christopher Henry! He’s on face book and has a website! Dude is pretty accessible if you like the song!

  16. I know this is a Billy Strings sub m, but am I the only one semi-miffed that Sam Bush didn’t get mentioned? Dude was a total welcomed surprise.

  17. There’s people who hand out fireball. This is no different.

  18. you’re at mile 12 of running in a 70.3, do you hit?

  19. Depends on if I’m setting a best time or not.

  20. Holy fucking early. I haven’t even pooped yet.


  22. Dats what I’m talking bout! Giving me chills!

  23. I just got hit by a ton of bricks by Michael J Burry’s Twitter handle.

  24. He’s waiting for freekenomics to pay off after the harsh abortion laws. Only 18 years until crime spike. On another serious note. Hotter weather and economic downturn could see higher crime rate coming up and more money for the prison system. It might be a smart play

  25. They pumped it up and then tanked the value by doing reverse splits.

  26. I think you bought and sold at the wrong time and are a little burnt.

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