1. I’m way too gassy to hold it in. We’re best friends so we just let it go when it comes up. And after almost a decade of being together we still laugh at our farts sometimes lol. I don’t know, if I hold it in it hurts so I’m glad I have someone I feel comfortable enough with to fully be myself and that includes all the gas that comes with it 😂

  2. I’ll admit I had a pre-conceived dislike for Christina but she actually seems like a genuinely sweet girls girl. She looked happy for Brianna when she got the rose

  3. Yea from the spoilers I thought this whole situation would be a lot more serious but Christina was clearly joking on the first night and this is pushing it big time. And she sincerely apologized so like??

  4. This photo is eventually going to get so crowded that there will be the tiniest guys floating around 😂 I’m already laughing at how small the 3 in the front look lol

  5. It’s not even about the chest hair for me or the body hair at all. I just think he needs a haircut and beard trim

  6. I like a beard and shaggy hair but I couldn’t believe he didn’t get it all cleaned up a LITTLE for the wedding. Jeezus h.

  7. Especially with the new policy that will be in place in 2024. No more sick leave just one bank of PTO days. People will never take off if they would rather use time for vacation.

  8. Wow they really don’t want to keep their employees huh? I left over a year ago and never looked back. One of the worst places I’ve ever worked and they don’t seem to be trying very hard to keep people, either 🥴 just seems to be getting worse and worse lol

  9. Veterans United, Equipment Share, and Storage Mart are pretty good places to work, according to friends who are employed by them.

  10. Loved working for StorageMart, free snacks and drinks, Swag, holiday parties and luncheons, the culture there is awesome. I work at Shelter now and I really enjoy my new hybrid remote schedule. The interview process is challenging and they are old fashioned in some ways but they do have good perks and great benefits. I’ve also worked at MU. The healthcare side, and it’s awful. I’ve heard better things about the education side.

  11. Is there a mod besides BetterSims that has location preferences?

  12. Brendan was previously married so he’s unlikely to jump back into a marriage, even with someone he’s been dating for awhile. I’m sure they have talked about it and he’s hesitant, so that likely gives her soma hesitancy.

  13. She’s previously talked about him being more ready than her, actually, which surprised me.

  14. I love that frame! How do I get it?

  15. I'm sorta hoping it is one of the kits so I can ignore it like dust.

  16. Lmao bust the dust is so annoying 😭

  17. Ah so Rebecca goes by Becca… wish we had her last name so we could find her on socials 🤔

  18. Gabi is active on Instagram as of today

  19. Holy cow the live is so choppy I don’t even know what Jesse is saying at all

  20. At this point probably everything 🤮 Why am I here? I don’t know!

  21. Happy New Year, spoiled fam 🥳🎉

  22. Thank God I found this because I almost thought I had stridor

  23. Kitty harness and walks maybe? You may have a low key adventure cat.

  24. I dunno! He’s actually really skittish. It’s hard getting him in a cat carrier to go anywhere and he doesn’t like car rides or tight spaces. Not used to wearing a collar or anything either so I’m not sure it would go over well with him 😕 would be so cool though! I love those Instagram pages with the travel cats

  25. Oo I think maybe Tyler would’ve made it far too

  26. Surprised no one’s said Spencer yet. I think Aven and Zach also, not sure about the fourth. I don’t see her connecting with Erich; I think his lack of passion/motivation would have bothered her.

  27. I was going to say I def think Spencer

  28. The only 3 left to go public on Insta is the final 3 lol

  29. Jill is no longer following Jacob on insragram… is it over already? 🥴

  30. Good point… so if they went to Italy “a few weeks” after paradise, does that mean they went to Nashville together “a couple weeks” after paradise? 🤔 either way it looks bad for her but she “doesn’t give a F” so 🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. Victoria saying “I don’t give a fuck what people think” when they’re clearly just doing this all for attention and headlines lmao

  32. The fact that she said that makes me think she knows she did something wrong. And Greg said “we’ve been friends for a year and a few weeks after Paradise we decided to go out” a few weeks? After an engagement? Something’s fishy

  33. Oof that convo with Johnny & Victoria 👀 him saying he never feels good enough and he gets left for someone else… the foreshadowing is yikes. I honestly feel bad for him

  34. Late again I’m behind on the show but Aaron turned out to be the player frat boy I always thought he was lol. He had me fooled for a lil bit

  35. I’m late but I just wanna say Kate is absolutely insufferable and I hope I never see her on this show again.

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