1. It's often used as a put down for men who are very invested in a specific woman, romantically. In cases where the woman doesn't reciprocate those feelings and the dude is getting kind of obsessive, or in cases where it's clear she's manipulating the situation to take advantage of the guy, I think it's fair to call it simping.

  2. Yeah and you constantly have to buy fresh salad. It goes off so fast. Human kibble would at least last the week between grocery shops.

  3. Not kibble but don't they have those drinks that are essentially a meal with all the nutrients blended into it, I forget what the brand is called though

  4. Huel, I think. I see them advertised all the time on reddit lol

  5. Of course she is, she's younger, being photographed in neutral lighting, and has a neutral expression rather than being caught with an unflattering grimace. Comparing apples and pears here.

  6. But if you are on a market, you should compare the apples and pears

  7. ...don't talk about women like they're produce lol

  8. Probably one of those uncaught active serial killers.

  9. If someone's offering me something I don't want, I just go with, "I'm okay, thank you."

  10. Pariah by Anthony Ryan kiiiinda starts out this way. Though if you're looking for purely heroic outlaws, it might not be the best fit. Lots of moral greys.

  11. Raj lookin' thoroughly breedable. And I might finally let Geeta come over to have some of the Mac and Cheese she's constantly demanding I share with her.

  12. He seems a bit old for these to be his first steps. Most babies I see in these sorts of video look like they've barely got anything going on in their little baby brains. This dude looks like he could hold a full on conversation lol. Maybe he's just very expressive.

  13. Video games disallow child murder because, well, it's gross to give players free reign to murder children, and will probably get their game rated so highly that it'll be difficult to even sell it.

  14. Inky looks like an ex-con who turned his life around and now does youth outreach for troubled kittens.

  15. It's because she's a tricksy little shit >:c

  16. I was on the waitlist for about a year. Not sure how much longer I would have been on it, but somehow my gallbladder caused me to developed acute pancreatitis. After losing 10lbs in a week and being unable to so much as take a sip of water without devolving into a puddle of pain, they fast tracked my surgery.

  17. Because I don't want people putting their dirty naked butts on public seating, personally.

  18. One. I'm very, very prone to favouritism. It wouldn't be fair to any additional spouses.

  19. Galway should be safe enough. Its actually quite sad to see how bad it has gotten at home.

  20. Galway would be my first choice, I think. Cork looks beautiful and the buildings seem very historical, (which I love) but Galway seems like it would have the better nightlife and my friend is very much the type who likes to party.

  21. Indeed, a dead give away. Thank you for corrections. I'm always under impression that I'm actually putting way too many articles in places where one isn't needed.

  22. Ah, you missed a "the" here too! I'm not saying that to be mean, I'm just excited to learn something new to look out for. I never would have guessed missing articles would indicate someone is Eastern European, and now that I know about it I feel like a detective.

  23. i love how you have to manipulate words and concepts to fit the woke oppressor/oppressed dialectic.

  24. I mean, not really. Words just have multiple meanings depending on the context.

  25. minority has one context and one meaning and it refers to numbers. that is all. women are not the minority when it comes to the entire population. you seem to have a fundamental misunderstanding of the word and you have conflated it, for whatever reason, with less value or something. i don’t even know. Billionaires are the minority in the population. I guess in your understanding of the word that inherently means they are oppressed. i’m so confused how people with such little education can have such strong opinions on “sociology” when they don’t even understand basic words and concepts.

  26. I don't think you should add them, but I do think that if you have some characters currently in your cast who don't need to be male, then you should consider gender flipping them. Adding women in now would likely only serve to create pointless characters who exist only to fulfill a quota, which isn't much better than erasing the existence of women altogether.

  27. They just look like smaller toddlers to me. I see absolutely no reason for them, and fully agree that pre-teens would have been a better addition. Ah well.

  28. RRR. It's basically two movies in one and you won't even notice the time passing.

  29. Honestly? I never had anything against redheads, and I suppose I still don't, but these days I can't see a redheaded woman without immediately thinking of all those men who borderline start jerking off at the mere mention of a redhead.

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