1. Thank you! Poshmark is for second hand stuff and selling something used way over its value is crappy/unethical but some people don’t see it that way I guess.

  2. Thank you! Now to decide if I buy one or not cause let’s be real, this isn’t the greatest looking piece of clothing 😬

  3. I have a couple of non obstructing 5mm stones and my urologist doesn’t want to do anything about them at this point.🤷🏻‍♀️.

  4. Same situation here. I've got three in my left (6mm, 4mm and 3mm) and one in my right (3mm) I was basicly told to wait until they come out and the go to the ER.

  5. Average Tesla engineer makes 135k, I bet Twitter will also pay well.

  6. I would have personally just replied something stating that your purchase is already on its way to you, it'll be there on _____ day, all sales are final but you are able to reposh once received.

  7. More like "you HAVE to discounting the shipping too" 🤦🏻‍♀️😩

  8. I just heard her little intro song in my head 😂 she's awesome!

  9. I was so bummed when she stopped using it! It always made me giggle

  10. Update: Identical has already become one of my favorites 😭 I think now I’d have it at #4 ahead of Tonight

  11. LOL I love how this happens when you're listening to a new album. I think Season 2 has overtaken the #1 spot for me. Been listening to it on repeat!

  12. my husband and I had our first date at a Pheonix concert .. and our first kiss was during the song girlfriend. i feel you so much!!! <3

  13. I had a boss who would regularly say "If I'm ever the smartest guy in the room, we're fucked!"

  14. Season 2 is also my favorite of the not released before songs. This album is so good!! I really enjoyed reading your review late last night before my first listen!

  15. I think you look very natural and pretty!

  16. I never wear my nails this long, but this design makes the risk of stabbing myself in the eye 100% worth it. Loveeee 😍😍

  17. I got engaged with a moissanite in 2017. Daily wear with ZERO dull!

  18. 2015 here and my ring looks just as good as it did on my engagement day!

  19. white > cream. you’re a bright winter. (you have the brightest complexion i’ve ever seen in this sub)

  20. I vote bright winter. You look like you would have no problem pulling off a neon green top or dress 😁

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