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  1. This is amazing and totally gave me a nostalgia trip. Thank you!

  2. i thought this was a pic from RDR2 for a solid 30 sec

  3. No I thought it was really someone from best buy. So what actions should I take to keep my identity safe?

  4. I would call equifax and trans union right away and notify them that your identity/pii (personal identification info) has been stolen. Ask them to add extra layers of security on your credit so that if anyone tries to pull your credit or request credit in your name, you'll get a call

  5. They've done this for videos since 2020 and they did it for images for years before that as well. It is incredibly common for EXIF data to be removed for social media websites, since not many users realise nor intend to publish their very-accurate location publicly.

  6. I definitely have been manually removing my location data from images for the past 2 years when i tested downloading an upload which still contained the location data

  7. i can't even swap characters/load into a new game without 30+ sec of freezing with my 5600x, 3080 and LAN connection. This is def server stability issues.

  8. Totally a guess but maybe you installed the tilt mechanism backwards?

  9. no suggestions from me, but mine has a horrible squeak coming from any type of pressure on the backrest. Also have an open case that hasn't had a response in 2 days...

  10. Indeed, thanks for the ping... Just picked up 3 cams

  11. Goldeneye on the 64. It showed people what was possible in the FPS genre and proved that an FPS could be more than just murder-death-kill

  12. I have been through two facebook accounts now. Both which I've "deleted", yet casually after a few years of deleting, I'll get a status update email about someone commenting something that I should be interested in

  13. In your code you should be able to call 'if check_mode: check_thing()' or skip stuff you would otherwise do.

  14. Thanks for your reply however my question is more directly related to the testing method without using ansible/ansible-playbook:

  15. Hmm yea not sure. I don't have any automated integration tests yet, and just run my playbooks directly either using check mode or custom module flags that don't make changes.

  16. last year i signed up and then cancelled after it charged me full price and asked for a refund and they said "no, it expires when it expires"

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