what is 100% a scam?

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  1. Can confirm. Still didn't last 5 minutes.

  2. Literally nothing about this card is fixed.

  3. The movie was entertaining. I don't know if it was good or not - there were a LOT of very weird editing decisions- but I'll say this- I've had more fun in this than any of the recent marvel movies.

  4. can you elaborate on general-esque tour de force, what do you mean by that?

  5. Why Paddington 2 is the most terrifying movie of all time (not for the faint of heart)

  6. Like other guy said, it really depends on what's going on in your cube.

  7. I am very much the same way and work in tech currently. Lie to me and I will black list your company short of them having a perfect product fit for a need I have and even then I will go to another sales person.

  8. This is the frustrating thing. I hear all the time about deflecting, find value, etc but in all honesty, if someone were to try and sell me something I won't be won over by sales tactics, I'd be more willing to shake hands with someone I can trust.

  9. If I can't trust the sales person I won't trust their product either because I am of the belief that a company hires the same type of people normally for a culture. This means if the sales guy leads then someone else will lie about the product and I'll be stuck in contract with a shitty product

  10. Me and my boss got kinda into a discussion about that. I feel like a lot of the scripts and meetings weve been practicing work really well for emotional buyers and impulse buyers. You give half truths and you deflect topics like price and premiums etc.

  11. Think you misplayed AK there. You have more combos of AK than pocket AA and KK. Plus, with deep stacks (seems so) you don't want to inflate the pot with all your dough on a low board like this.

  12. I do, but I also have QQ in a four bet range especially if people are calling with 66.

  13. “It truly was a Shawshank Redemption”

  14. "It's shawshank time!" -Shawhankius, during Shawshankius 2022(Sony pictures)

  15. Samurai charm is so much better than ninja charm. Feel like the top mode on ninja charm can be Up to two target creatures

  16. I didn't see the previous version. Was there no basic land clause?

  17. No, and to be honest it was fine without it depending on what format this card is designed for.

  18. I love ink’s cultivation. Dunes corruption feels like it does way too little for the steep cost.

  19. To be fair, all of these seem way too restrictive for what you get out of them.

  20. She got attacked by Gordy the Chimp. This is actually a reference to Charla Nash who was attacked by a chimp

  21. Somehow this is the least interesting answer for this. I saw that and was wondering if aliens were experimenting on people or something.

  22. This is so Trippy. Me and my friend were working on a jurassic park cube and came up with our own ideas for fossil tokens. They're pretty similar.

  23. I also played with the idea of what would be [[Haunted Fengraf]] tokens, but that felt too weak.

  24. I think your design is good, but also know that this couldn't exist without some sort of grave hate in whatever environment its for.

  25. I like leaving the counter mode on it. But maybe make it more of a negate style and then also add a removal option as the fourth mode.

  26. It's 3 colors, honestly it needs to be even better than that.

  27. The 1078th in a series of daily commanders. Feedback is appreciated!

  28. Feel like +2/+0 wouldn't be too strong and make the card more exciting.

  29. I’ll be honest, I dislike cards that make me count differing creature types. The math gets tedious when a large number of creatures are on the board.

  30. I had to read that ability like five times and I'm still not sure what it does.

  31. Looking at what's been printed so far, I'd say that 2 is a bit too low a cost for this effect, even with the drawback of having to target the same thing. 3 mana value would probably be a good fit for this.

  32. Don't know why this is getting downvoted. This is a perfectly fine criticism of the card.

  33. If you're actually good and play live cash you shouldn't go on massive downswings. Edges are 2 big vs boomer fish. Videos complaining about downs probably aren't too entertaining either.

  34. I mean, variance is variance. I've gotten my money in good an insane amount of times this year and just never won.

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