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  1. Update for those of us who were curious--Allison Kuch's sister posted a tiktok confirming that the wedding was called off.

  2. Just when I started to convince myself that Carly is a regular suburban mom that I can relate to, she posts about her $2000 coat lol.

  3. Honestly, that is the suburban mom uniform coat in her part of NJ. Yes, it’s a lot, but that coat is so ubiquitous at this point that it’s not surprising our unrelatable at this point.

  4. The Cut listed out a number of the archetypes and I think the only one remaining on that list was Slut. Very interested to see who she gets on for that one!

  5. I don't know if it would happen, but Madonna would be a really interesting interview for that one.

  6. I've had a lot of luck asking bars to put it on their tv. Obviously you have to spend money on food and drink, but most bars have multiple tvs and will change channels based on patron requests, unless there is a major sporting event on.

  7. I'm guessing it's not so much confidence in Encanto, but because the 2nd of November is when the Day of the Dead festivities occur in real life. And since that's what Encanto is all about, there's always going to be an event for that movie around the start of November every year.

  8. I think you are conflating Encanto with Coco.

  9. The letters in the degree really do not make a difference. Would you have to relocate to attend IU? If they are still the same cost for attendance, I personally would go with the in-person program because I learn better in-person than online, but if the commuting cost will be prohibitive just go for the one that is cheaper.

  10. So sad, that's the second elephant they lost this year.

  11. I have 594 gems so I’m almost there, hope to get to 800 by next week!

  12. Honestly you should hold off and just buy next months pass, unless you really want Elsa. You get more tokens every time they are a prize once it is unlocked, making it much more valuable if unlocked first thing.

  13. Some good answers here, and I'm looking into the same. My problem is that all grad schools seem to require letters of recommendation. I graduated ten years ago and I was just a face in the class/lecture halls anyway. What is someone in my position supposed to do?

  14. Generally if you have been in the workforce for a long period of time, mlis programs will accept letters from employers/supervisors/coworkers. I would inquire with the admissions office of specific programs to see if this is the case.

  15. If Gisele decided to move back here post divorce we could really have something going…

  16. I used to go to the same Starbucks as her when they lived on Beacon Street. I think she really loved how low profile she could live her life in that neighborhood.

  17. I really dig the new format! Super clear and easy to follow.

  18. I've had a lot of luck at my regional grocery store (Texas, so HEB). Most have a small toy section near the greeting cards/gift wrap.

  19. It is really good when it is made well. The problem is that is few and far between. More often than not they will mess something up. For consistency, you are better off getting something else like you said the cheesy gordita crunch or a chalupa.

  20. Exactly. A well-made crunchwrap, with the ingredients evenly distributed, is just chef's kiss.

  21. I'll raise you one---I bought the Disney Cruise one in February 2020.

  22. I feel like there have been fewer changes with the cruise line but that could just be because I haven't taken a cruise before this year

  23. True. But it did go to waste because we cancelled our May 2020 cruise, and have not reached the point of feeling comfortable boarding a floating petri dish again yet.

  24. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Thanks IceJD!

  25. How bad must the message Carly got been that she filed a police report? She has shared some pretty deranged ones in the past, I can't even imagine.

  26. It is never worth the money/gems to buy it at the end of the month. It sucks to miss out on the pass exclusive emoji, but you are better off waiting and buying November or December at the start of the month.

  27. If you haven’t already, file a report with the real police. The campus mall cops won’t do jack shit.

  28. I just started following Carly so don’t know much about her or her friendship with Julia. Do you mind sharing more details with me? I love drama lol

  29. There really hasn't been any drama (publicly at least). They used to hang out quite a bit when Julia had an apt in NYC--Carly appeared in multiple photoshoots for the Gal Meets Glam dress line. Carly even flew down to Charlestown for Julia's baby shower, and made dresses for both girls as gifts.

  30. The upcoming hill house home drop looks so dreamy. The tartan! The velvet! The sequins! I want it all. :heart_eyes:

  31. The quality in the past few drops has been so crappy, not worth it. I can't imagine the sequins nap dress not being a scratchy nightmare that will fall apart the first time you wear it.

  32. While true, I still haven’t pulled a single character from Pocahontas yet. I really wish they would break up the gold box into series 4, 5, 6, 7, etc to give us the same chances as characters from the series 1-3 boxes.

  33. Same. I've been playing for about 15 months and don't have any Pocahontas characters :\

  34. Tomorrow's daily prize is event progress. They are hoping that people will finish maps 1 and 2 today, "earn" the event progress prize tomorrow, be annoyed they are locked out and can't use it, and then give in and buy the event box.

  35. I deliberately didn't start map 2 until after I got today's prize as I know I could not access map 3

  36. Same, I got screwed the last time this was the daily prize.

  37. Been reading the Hardy Boys out loud with my kid, and what a pair of assholes. They are straight up bullies to their friend Chet, and the very definition of entitled nepo babies.

  38. My local Panera discontinued it as well. I’m cancelling at the end of my current month, not having to wait in line and talk to a person was there whole appeal of sip club for me.

  39. Her writing style reminds me a lot of Bill Simmons—very circa 2005 blogosphere style.

  40. I can only advise the victims to file a report, cannot do it on their behalf. The people in my group know most of what I hear, but three profs in particular seem bullet proof so far. Victims rarely report as these men go for those who they have power over. It is a fucking nightmare and I hate these predators.

  41. Please check with your campus Title IX office. You likely are a mandatory reporter, in which case you do need to file reports.

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