1. CS is useless. I lost the ability to make and receive calls yesterday. The CS had me try everything, last effort was they said to do a factory reset. So I did. 2 minutes later they're leaving the conversation because I haven't responded quickly enough. A factory reset takes a little time, not to mention to get everything set back up. Anyways factory reset didn't work. They suck

  2. You are on your own. CS just sends you on a never ending answerless cycle.

  3. Turns out if I put the SIM in a new pixel 6a my service works fine. So visible is just stopping service of older phones without notifying the customer 1st. Doesn't seem legal and could cause safety issues.

  4. Wonder if some update jacked up APN settings...

  5. It's weird. I haven't had an issue before.

  6. The sim didn't work in the S9? I have an E6 also, it works but can't upgrade to new plan.

  7. Pixel 3 is still my daily driver. Love that little phone.

  8. On google photos use sharing. Share the photos to the 4a then upload.

  9. I'm still on C1 and Verizon offers no update.

  10. don't know about Verizon or not but yeah i got it like 3-4 months back

  11. I have a 3xl that got the update on Fi. But my 3 that's on Verizon never got and now I'm having connection issues. Google and Verizon haven't been much help.

  12. Does this need to be done over a computer or can I do it directly from my phone. Thanks.

  13. I thought it was new line, bring your own phone for the $15. a month.

  14. Correction. It says port in number also 🤷

  15. You don’t see that unless you read all of the fine print. I suppose if it works well when I activate it I’ll go ahead and try to port in a number.

  16. Pretty good deal if it all works out.

  17. Is Mayor Pete back on maternity leave?

  18. Other than the battery and lack of updates the 3 is a better phone. You're not being too critical. The 3 is a flagship phone $799. The 6a budget friendly $349.

  19. Don't buy insurance for your phone and don't get the extended warranty for your car.

  20. Keep it. It will probably never happen. Just like the swollen battery, and phone bricks issues some phones experience.

  21. And even then Google generally has a good customer service unless you're not polite to them. I handed down my Pixel 3 XL to my dad last year when I got my Pixel 6 pro and i noticed shortly that the battery on his phone started swelling. I contacted Google and they replaced it quickly, free of charge, no questions asked besides them wanting photos from a few angles. The phone was like 3+ years old at that point and well out of warranty

  22. I never had an issue with Google's customer service. I'm the same. Always start polite and it usually ends with positive results. I have the 3 and a 3xl. I take the cases off periodically to check for battery swelling. So far so good.

  23. Might as well. Not much to lose at this point.

  24. I have to warn you, your Pixel 3 will turn into a brick one day. Guaranteed. Only Qualcomm can make a signed binary to even access your files afterwards, and they're not doing it. Google's position on the matter is that it's out of warranty, so it's not their problem. There will be no warning, it just will stop working.

  25. Thankfully I have everything backed up. What's the reason for it bricking?

  26. Bad design around the eMMC disk... When it runs out of good sectors (SSDs are constantly discovering and cancelling bad sectors) it loses the ability to boot, and dies by bricking. Basically they did it wrong. Yeah if you back it up then you'll have your data but it will brick.

  27. Thanks for the info. One more reason to consider an upgrade.

  28. I figured it would be more swampy looking.

  29. At least COC. It has 6GB of Ram and 128GB of storage. Depends on the game requirements.

  30. The two drawbacks to prepaid are the prices for most of its non-unlimited plans and the deprioritized data. The only fees are the sales tax and the E-911 tax.

  31. It says $300. Plus taxes and fees. When do they collect the taxes and fees?

  32. Looks good 👍. Gotta have the beans.

  33. They and we are not in prison . In fact we're working for defense contractors.

  34. Despite the mob calling for their heads? Despite the gravy seal with zip ties clearly wanting to take a hostage? Despite there being people who were there with guns? Just because it was a shitty attack by the dumbest people we went to high school with, doesn’t mean it wasn’t an attack.

  35. Love gravy. Especially on seal 🦭

  36. Glass set in aluminum. The coefficient of thermal expansion for aluminum is top of the chart.

  37. The front and back of the entire phones are glass framed with aluminum too. If it were a design issue, it wouldn't be so random.

  38. Unless tolerances were not held.

  39. No. Records are broken everyday.

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