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Convoy Megathread #34

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  1. Calcium and/or magnesium deficiency.

  2. Why don’t you ask to see a few different jars before you purchase? That’s a reasonable request. I like big nugs that don’t move around a lot in a jar, but not a HUGE stem, so I’ll ask to see a handful of jars so I can pick the one I like best. It’s your medication, bro. Handpick it.

  3. Idk why people down voted you for this like your just preaching the truth. People get so butthurt I swear. I usually do this same thing because I'm paying for it so I should at least get a say in which one I buy and its my meds you know? But Keep on keeping on my friend.

  4. Would you let someone pick your produce? Don’t you like your bananas a certain way? I will always handpick my jars if allowed the option. Downvote all they want. Thanks for agreeing, bro.

  5. Straight facts my dude. Enjoy that flame you got!!

  6. Keep fighting the good fight. I just want my son to grow up in a non perverse United States and right now? Things are sickening, drag shows for kids, hormone and surgical conversion therapy to try and imitate the opposite sex, teaching black kids they will always be oppressed and white kids that they will always be oppressors, talking to kids about sexual matters at way to young of an age. It's horrible dude.

  7. Democrats are using this to get votes ONLY because they know they are in for a glorious shellacking this fall.

  8. Yessir yessir they are going to lose The Senate and The House because of their horrendous policy's and putting America last. We really need 1, an America 1st president as well as 2, American first all the way down to school board directors and chairmen.

  9. Does anyone feel safer? Anyone? I couldn’t imagine sending a kid to school

  10. No, our dipshit in office gave 40 billion to Ukraine. If you round up, there are 131,000 schools in America, meaning each school could have got around 305 thousand for security and defensive purposes. It's sad that these things happen. However we have around 1.67 million self defense weapon uses and around 22000 gun homicides last year. Idk the answer to fixing things but it is not to take guns from law abiding citizens. They say good guys with guns don't actually stop criminals with guns but that absolute evil demonic piece of human fecal matter was put down by a border patrol agent(good guy with a gun) who went in without backup and he was injured but he saved countless more children. A real hero that man is.

  11. I guess you missed all the "good guys" with guns cosplaying as soldiers outside the school for an hour while the gunman killed all those kids.

  12. My brother/sister in chirst No, I heard about them. A complete disgrace to all police officers and to real men. You can talk shit about someone you don't know all you want. This isn't a political argument thought. So have a nice day.

  13. Your full name is visible on your product sticker.

  14. That's some of the prettiest budino I've seen

  15. It taste really good. I was just taking a gulp of it and 20 mins later it hits. I love these.

  16. Tell Republican men that you can’t sleep with them because you’re just being a responsible citizen and are avoiding needing to get an abortion

  17. You shouldn't be having sex unless it's for the purpose of having a child or with your husband/wife.

  18. One of my favorite strains in a live rosin?? Keeping an eye out payday for this 😳 It's pricey but the way I medicate that would last me a decent more amount of time. Damn!

  19. I've had a 2.53 gram jar of Slurribreath since last August. Still just as potential just as fresh and tasty. Concentrates just hit better

  20. That's exactly what it is. But it's SHO.

  21. I love Ancient Roots' rosin, but it has the same problem of never being on menus near Akron :(

  22. Look for standard wellness fresh press live rosin. It's soo damn good. I just posted it.

  23. I'm medicating with some jealousy right now. It is one of my favorite strains whether it's from Klutch or Ancient Roots. I really like the effects nice pain relief and anxiety/PTSD relief. Like I'm definitely feeling relaxed but im still energetic. It tastes gassy but with that good Gelato taste as well. I would definitely recommend you grab that half.

  24. All good and thank you! A lot of times you all get stuff way before we do out my way.

  25. There carts are garbage. Get the live resin luster pod.

  26. But neither Bill says "don't say gay" they are literally to stop teachers from talking about inappropriate things with children. I guess I just don't understand the outrage.

  27. Apparently this is Gorilla breath X Sunset sherbet

  28. Where'd you get this. I need it in my life.

  29. My friend you are one of the people that really opened my eyes to the atrocities that are going on in silence. Much love stay safe.

  30. What did he say when he looked at that body?

  31. Wasn’t Ontario saying they were lifting restrictions, or am I mistaken? Because it’s odd they’d at the same time they still try to seize peoples money. They’re liars if this is the case.

  32. Because of turdeaus activation of emergency powers they are seizing peoples assets.

  33. The term "prior service" and "veteran" are two different terms. You have some prior service you aren't a veteran. Sorry but I know guys who have gone through alot to earn that title and it all starts with getting out of AIT and Basic.

  34. I appreciate you and thank you for your service. My uncle fought in Nam and my grandpa's fought in ww2 so I really respect that you've went out and served.

  35. It's a joint bowl pretty much.

  36. Ohio isn't too bad yet. I haven't been restricted..yet

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