1. GBP choice and add ons open at 4am pacific. (5am here in mountain - I know your pain lol)

  2. is it worth my time to wake up that early? will i miss out on a ton?

  3. Disclaimer: Maybe I'm not the best person to ask since I'm clearly over it 🤣

  4. I got a boxy bundle with the white one. While the pleated style is not really my favorite (although it is unique!), IT IS SO SOFT and I unexpectedly love it

  5. No, just screaming on your friend's behalf 🤣 WHY IPSY

  6. Heated eyelash curlers sound like a bad idea. That's much too close for the eyes.

  7. I was super skeptical at first too, but I've gotten a couple

  8. That palette looks beautiful 😍😍 I love Ace Beauté eyeshadows. Enjoy!

  9. I got this palette too and the brand is new to me. The shadows look so smooth and pretty! How would you describe them? Any way you prefer to apply them? How is the fall out?

  10. I just remembered that they reformulated after I bought mine (the paradise collection 💜), so I really hope this is all still relevant to the new formula:

  11. I can’t order multiples for some reason, so it’s not worth the shipping and handling. Oh well!

  12. Do you have the updated cart situation on your account? I have to go to the cart after I add something and change the quantity there, rather than on the product list like add ons have been.

  13. It is for me now too, I see they've all been fixed

  14. Where did you see that were ever only 12 bucks?? Seriously, no way. I would have bought the sh*t out of those if that was the case

  15. I'm pretty sure I saw the vitamin c and sports booster together in a $24 duo awhile back 👀 Then last year the anti blemish booster was in a $16 flash duo. I'm still a little annoyed that I bought all 3 of those separately for $18ea lol

  16. I said yes for you, since you said you love those products. They're not the ones I would go for, mostly because I already have most of the serums and I'm bad at remembering to use sheet masks 😅 But I'm not gonna pretend I didn't just spend $50 in a pop up for 10 of the eye creams, so "worth it" is subjective lol

  17. Favorite ipsy products for my sensitive skin:

  18. I wish their cryo moisturizer was in this 😔 haven't seen it since last year

  19. I am hoping to see that again too. Happy that I finally got stocked up on the eye cream. Those are my 2 favorite products from them - everything else has been meh for me.

  20. It does say there's a bonus mystery product in the flash set, but yea that would not make me wanna pay double 🤣 They do stuff like this a lot and hope we don't notice

  21. I wonder if they'll include it at all. For 10$ more what it could be ... 🤔 ... Refreshments item! 😂

  22. Lol it definitely crossed my mind that they'd forget the bonus and say it was a typo or something

  23. Have you checked Chrome? It's behind on the updates so that's the only place it shows up for me - not in app or Samsung browser. I was just able to order 2 of the bags on Chrome though! 😁

  24. I think I figured it out. It is not about browser or device, it is about account. My account doesn't have this option anymore, I tried iPhone Safari, App, Macbook Safari, Chrome, cookies and cache' cleared, nothing. No search button. I asked a friend to check ... and she got it on every device and browser/app. So, maybe they are doing some changes. But not sure if the new/updated website/app will include the search button or not. It doesn't make sense to get rid of it though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. You know what, I do have a different account in chrome than the others. Kinda forgot until I ordered 🤦‍♀️ That's my bad.

  26. I only see it in Chrome, where none of the other updates have been applied yet. It's not in my app or Samsung browser.

  27. I had to email them…there’s no manage membership anymore. Sneaky

  28. Ah well that's super shady, sorry. Did you check in a browser? I still see it there too. But with all the changes lately, I know some things are showing up differently for others.

  29. I don’t remember my password or I would. Will have to try when I have more time. Based on their responses I think it’s deliberate

  30. Yea their cancelation process and one-click reactivation crap was already shady. If they're messing with the ability to cancel on your own, it's probably not too long until they stop letting us skip without jumping through hoops (or at all).. And then I'm definitely done.

  31. When is the choice sale in October? I thought it was around this time?

  32. Choice for GB is Monday 10/24 9am ET, so the flash sale will open at midnight ET (Sunday night)

  33. Maybe it's a beta or something because, I've tried every different browser on my Samsung & there's no update for the app in the store for me. Weird. Could just be that my phone is old as dirt, too.

  34. That crossed my mind that it might be a beta. But if it is, I have it on both of my accounts, so that's odd/lucky lol. I still think it's weird when they roll out major changes like that only to some people..

  35. I really like the abh clear brow gel, and the skyn iceland eye gels. I'm also getting the bundle with the tatcha moisturizer because it's my HG, and to try the osea cleanser. (Edit: the tatcha rice wash is another HG but I wasn't as interested in that bundle)

  36. I got that Osea in a past glam bag and it’s up there with the Tatcha cleanser for me. Works great but smells amazing!

  37. Sweet I hope I like it too. I LOVE the rice wash, deep cleanse and camellia oil from tatcha - they can't really go wrong with me lol

  38. Mine smells like citrus, but it's not as crisp as the oil. I remember being slightly disappointed when I got it, but now it's one of my favorite sprays. It almost seems fizzy in a way that tickles my nose lol. But I can see how it would smell like vinegar to some. I got it straight from farsáli, but that was like 2 years ago and it still seems good. Edit: I should add that the scent seems to dissipate quickly IMO.

  39. Ugh I hope this isn't the permanent format. It's doing it on the website too (Samsung browser and Chrome). Besides the fact that it is visually obnoxious and would be a very strange formatting choice on their part, it's completely nonfunctional. It doesn't even show the order date. No product images - they showed up at first on my order last night, but now they're gone. Whatever the little i ℹ️ is for doesn't show up. You can't check your order status (one of my accounts doesn't get emails, so that's the only way to know it's shipped). You can't click on the product for more info.. or to reorder the sneaky way with no fee and quantity >1 lol

  40. All make-up!!! I would love that advent calendar! Whenever I am tempted to add another subscription or buy something new I bring out my stash and spread it out in the living room...... 99% of the time I grab some exciting things I forgot I had and save my money

  41. Yes lol my skin would be very very angry if I were to use different skincare everyday for a month 😆

  42. Nice! I’ve always wanted the ABH Norvina palette but I’ve never wanted to spend the money.

  43. I get that. I wouldn't have the majority of my collection if it weren't for extremely discounted ipsy prices, ulta sales etc. I coveted Norvina for months before I finally gave in. I used it a lot at first out of excitement, but if I'm being honest, I was a little disappointed by it. There are better/similar palettes out there for comparable/lower prices, IMO. Ace Beauté, Iby and Colourpop come to mind.

  44. Frankly I’m about to make my own Ipsy advent calendar— I have one of those fillable advent calendars and I’ll just drop sample sizes from my stash randomly into the slots. By the time December rolls around, I’m sure I’ll forget what’s in where so it’ll surely be a surprise each day 🤣🤣🤣

  45. I do this sort of advent calendar + shop-my-stash thing every year with all my little ipsy bags. I put a few products together in a bag, especially ones that I haven't gotten much/any use out of, and pick a bag to use each day 😄

  46. awh thank youu!! his name's berit, he's one of my fav squish and i thought he needed to help model everything 😂🧡

  47. That's such a good bag! I LOVE the kush mascara and the tarte clay pot. I also love using ofra highlighters as eyeshadows. The origins eye cream is one of the few that I like, I just wish they were cruelty free. You hit the jackpot on this one 🎉

  48. Right! No fun lashes, nail polish or stickers, even just regular makeup with spooky themed packaging?? Like I mentioned in another reply they couldn’t even throw a black /dark lipstick our way in the add on’s🥲

  49. A few days ago I was organizing my lash collection (that I don't use lol), and found my purple Uoma Beauty lashes and thought "these would be so perfect for a Halloween bag!" I'm gonna try to remind myself to wear them this year 😅

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