1. Most of the Wynn/Encore restaurants have very good options for both. It's part of their philosophy with menu creation.

  2. My top restaurants in Vegas would be É by Jose Andres, L'atelier de Joel Robuchon, Kabuto (the best authentic sushi off strip), Bazaar meats, SW steakhouse is great as an attraction if you can get a table on the patio. Also try Raku off strip, it was Anthony Bourdain's favorite restaurant in the city.

  3. Ask MGM concierge if you're staying there. Sometimes they have access to reservations that the public doesn't.

  4. Well, I'm not into gambling, and I just want to relax. Finnish Sauna or something, something with not too many people. That seems hard to find.

  5. See if you can get a massage at encore spa. It's a little pricey but the spa itself is amazing.

  6. Encore spa is absolutely incredible for amenities and service. Perfect place to veg out for the afternoon.

  7. Encore is pretty but it's small and weaksauce. Overpriced for what they offer.

  8. I disagree. I've never felt crowded there and the quality of the hard product is kind of impossible to beat.

  9. SW Steakhouse has a nice bar. You may need to wait a bit but it's a great spot for a solo diner.

  10. I can vouch for Encore as one of the most beautiful spas I've seen anywhere. Great service and gorgeous hard product. They wanted it to be a spa to end all spas. Worth the price tag if you enjoy relaxing.

  11. FYI for É - they release reservations on the first of every month for the third month in advance. For example, on June 1st at 10 AM PST they will release all of our August reservations.

  12. Police reporting suspect has shot himself and was found with multiple magazines in his backpack.

  13. Din Thai Fung at Aria was great! As of a few years ago it was one of only 2 in North America.

  14. This is inaccurate about Din Tai Fung. There are 4 locations in Seattle, 1 in Santa Clara, 1 in Glendale, 1 in Santa Monica, 1 in Costa Mesa, 1 in San Diego.

  15. This is the right answer. Steve Wynn made sure every restaurant can be enjoyable for people with dietary restrictions and the menus reflect that.

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