1. Love Exposure is a god damn gem. I rarely watch non-foreign films, I am the opposite. I primarily love Japanese New Wave films most so I recommend:

  2. I grabbed this one while it was on sale for $125 last year. Best purchase ever.

  3. By cold I didn't know anything about Fassbinder or his films going into this.

  4. How to say you're a Jacquette Rivette fan without saying you're a Jacquette Rivette fan lol

  5. Damn totally missed it. Closed Casket is pretty good about repressed, hopefully they'll announce one soon

  6. You can still grab the album with the regular album art on their site.

  7. I love the nuanced and idiosyncratic dialogue of "Brick" by Rian Johnson.

  8. Brick got me into film when I was in high school bc it was on IFC channel at least once a week

  9. black sold out while i was ruminating on purchasing. had to grab a clear/purple swirl.

  10. Copped one shortly after you posted this, just wanted to say thank you!

  11. Why not watch a film one time without subs then rewatch with? I think Godard once said he wishes his films were screened that way in theaters (don't quote me could have been someone else). So you understand the meaning of the image before you focus on the language and words being said.

  12. That King Gizzard rats nest poster is dope! Is that a black midi poster next to it?

  13. thank you!! yeah, i saw them live a couple months back :)

  14. Red Desert is for sure. My favorite Felini though is La Strada.

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