1. Sweatshirts or plain T-shirts from a high end brand. I don’t understand paying $200 for a tshirt.

  2. I recommend Son of a Tailor. Custom made size fitted tshirts for about 45 dollars in great quality.

  3. Was würdest du einem 30+ empfehlen, der noch nie d&d gespielt hat, aber Interesse hat es auszuprobieren? Wo kann man anfangen?

  4. "One button top somebody" is not a honest question. Long CD should top of course, spammable heal shouldn't, even though some specs are more direct healers and feel as such but usually at the price of less powerful mitigation, anti-CC, mana efficiency and such.

  5. I disagree, with that same logic a long cd for a DPS should drop someone, too. Topping and healing more than your spammable casts are 2 different pairs of shoes. If health pools are bigger and damage is less bursty, topping is s incredibly overpowered.

  6. A long DPS CD absolutely drops someone dead, if you don't respond, wdym.

  7. It's a hypothetical discussion we are having. If your want big heals you gotta live with big damage. Less damaging spells should equal less powerful heals.

  8. I would recommend you start playing now as it's pre patch. That will give you time to get familiar with the game. Also if you already collect some class knowledge your knowledge gap for the start of the actual season won't be as dramatic sauce the game just inserted a new skill tree with new interactions and spells. So a lot of people are still figuring out how to play the new play style for their character.

  9. i might start earlier, cause my MMO itch is starting to grow ;)

  10. Sounds like a plan. It's probably the ideal timing to start new as a wow pvp player. Good luck out there

  11. Respekt. Ohne dich beleidigen zu wollen: Wieso hast du keinen höheren Abschluss (edit) angestrebt? Du bist offensichtlich sehr intelligent.

  12. My cat's name is Pete and we call him Mr. Poopy butthole. It's pretty self-explanatory.

  13. Please add display ads to it so you can actually turn a profit.

  14. It's 0 CR RBG's... And one would think that if you find having that legendary so important, you'd make sure the tank has the legendary you want him to have before you Q up right?

  15. I'm not saying the insults are warranted but checking everyone's required leggys is also a bit much to ask. 0 Cr or not people still want to win and one choice of you significantly decreased the chance. Whether you wouldve won or not. It's simply the elevated responsibility you carry as a tank in RBG.

  16. If you insist to do so and winning is all that matters, wouldnt it be better to simply send a healer with me at 0-0 to help me get past the defensive wall that Sleeper wouldnt have helped me to pass anyway instead of kicking and playing the game 9v10? That's all that was needed.

  17. Like i said I'm not defending their actions. Definitely childish.

  18. Hi. Wie stehst du zu Taiwan als Urlaubsland? Sagen wir mal ich fliege mit Frau und Kind (2.5 Jahre) für 2 Wochen nach Taiwan. Machbar mit gutem Englisch?

  19. Auf jeden Fall machen! Großartiges Reiseland. Günstig, sicher, hoher technologischer Standart.

  20. It dawned on me that the Locks are playing with an imp which dispels.

  21. No way that's it, if you play against affli or destroy maybe but not demo.

  22. So why even have gear at all? Why reward pve progression with gear and not pvp progression?

  23. You literally described my dream. Only caveat: i wish I could choose my secondaries for individuality.

  24. Is this Hongkong dollar? If it's US Dollar it's a scam.

  25. Is this Hongkong dollar? If it's US Dollar it's a scam.

  26. Yes, have your own mode. But stop cheating in the current competitive mode. Until this point I didn't even think people would cheat. I think the fun of the game is too combine all the clues you find and make an educated guess.

  27. Danke schön. Furmark scheint mir am einfachsten zu sein, auf was muss ich da achten bei dem Test?

  28. Das klingt ein bisschen zu gut um wahrzusein. Persönlich abholen ist angesagt.

  29. I really liked La Sagrada Família. If you like Gaudí, you can do a tour of some of his other architecturally interesting buildings (or just view them from outside).

  30. Parc Güell in Barcelona. Overhyped, overcrowded and unpleasant.

  31. As I'm going to Barcelona soon, what is worth it there?

  32. If you can wait, RTX 4000 will launch this year. Otherwise get the 6800xt, the performance is better and it has more VRAM.

  33. Thanks for the info. Will this decrease the cost of the 3080?

  34. Wait I just noticed the power supply you chose has bad reviews because for some users it has exploded. Get a different 850W power supply from Seasonic, Corsair or Fractal.

  35. Wow thanks man! You might've just helped me dodge a bullet.

  36. Was auch besster für den Luftfluss ist, ist ein Gehäuse mit Netz an der Front. Ich selber bin kein Fan con Gehäusen, die vorne nur Lüftunsschlitze habe da das schon bei der 3070 ein Problem darstellen kann. Die Drosselt.

  37. Danke ich gucke, das ich ein besseres Gehäuse den neuen builds hinzufüge.

  38. Die 6800xt ist nochmal 10-20%, also deutlich schneller als die 3070, die ist eher so stark wie eine 3080.

  39. Danke dir. Passt der Rest des build zur Karte oder sollte ich noch etwas ändern?

  40. I appreciate the effort that went into this joke. Thank you.

  41. As a demo player from previous seasons i feel like: "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"

  42. Not owning a passport. I don’t know if that is a myth but I hear that a huge percentage of Americans have never been out of the country and don’t even have a passport.

  43. All answers that say "we can't just drive 30 min to another country" don't make sense since in Europe you mostly need no passport for that either since a lot of countries are in Schengen , so open border zone.

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