Just released BIS balance sheet, Jan 30, 2023 — Someone (*cough* mostly GME naked shorts? *cough*) owes the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) a LOT of money — $7.305 Trillion in outstanding BIS claims (vs. $4.227 Trillion in outstanding BIS liabilities) — Archive Link: https://archive.is/vFv0r

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FTX Bombshell: Former FTX Lawyer, Daniel Friedberg, Alleges Fraud by Sullivan & Cromwell in Court Filing Today against Ryne Miller, Friedberg further alleges that this fraudulent conspiracy was helped from the inside of FTX by S&C’s former law partner, Ryne Miller WHO WAS HIRED by BRETT HARRISON 🔥

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  1. No, [REDACTED] is right. We must eat Nicholas Cage to possibly gain the power of reading, to maybe be able to understand the Constitution, and by small chance be able to find the key to defeating the android known as "Ken Griffin".

  2. I personally find this funny! Come on apes, we gotta maintain a sense of humour while the world crashes down around us.

  3. I love Ehlers, I do. One of my favorites. That said, he plays like he's dancing to a song no one else can hear.

  4. Too bad Lambert is mia, would have been cool seeing him vs Lucius tonight.

  5. There are lots of Mennonite denominations and they are not alike. General Conference vs Brethren vs Old Order Mennonite.

  6. The joke is actually, “what’s the difference between a Mennonite and a Hutterite? Mennonites are too cheap to buy the outfit”

  7. Kinda the issue, he makes us look much much better then we really are.

  8. Tonight I found myself wondering if we should trade Helle for a haul of players. When Eric Comrie can beat us (no disrespect), it shows good team structure trumps a good goalie. Having said that, Helle playing great just allows the jets to mask over their poor team play, they never are forced to build a solid team system. Maybe an amazing goalie is the LAST piece you add to a team, not the first. Otherwise you just build lasting bad habits.

  9. Anyone have a clip of the Lowry fight?

  10. Isn’t that a million dollar setup??? I suppose most of that Is the projectors, at least I hope so

  11. I’m guessing this AI is gathering information from across the Internet, does it weight everything the same? I’m a little worried that it might just be amalgamating all the multitude of posts from Reddit on this subject. Since most of the Reddit posts are speculative, wouldn’t that weaken the foundation upon which this AI is building its knowledge?

  12. HOLY SHEET. I asked it if it weighs info, or goes by quanitity or something. Would it weigh gamestop higher cause its talked more versus another stock like sticky floor?

  13. Not based on social media. That’s awesome!

  14. This reminds me of TMZ articles where “sources close to” ______ dish the gossip.

  15. scurry about ya little fackas, scurry and eat each other as you starve

  16. Don’t forget these are giant supremely powerful rats, capable of anything when threatened. If honest people do not carefully watch these proceedings, they will bribe or trick or kill their way out of responsibility. These are positive developments but do not underestimate the length to which these people will go to keep the power and money they have acquired

  17. 13 billion years of universe existing, couple billion planets per galaxy in the known universe by our current reckoning, almost regardless of the odds against something weird like life at least had a solid chance of happening once

  18. What about this? Maybe to solve for happy, you need to ask, “where Mo Gawdat?” Get it?

  19. Well that’s at least some good news

  20. This is sort of a tangent, forgive me. The national debt has risen from 13.5 Trillion in 2010 to $31 Trillion today. That’s 17,500 BILLION dollars the US govt has spent that it didn’t have. In 12 years.

  21. Been following the Jets close this year and their record is impressive. League parity what it is, they don't feel super dominant to me. They play Bowness' system well which reinvigorated them on D but they still rely on Bucky in goal a bit too much. Of the teams trailing them, Minnesota and Vegas have given them the worst times and I wouldn't want to see them face off in early playoff rounds at this point. All that said, certainly still a threat given their play and their depth.

  22. This is an accurate take. The problem with having Helle play as well as he has been, is that he covers up the vulnerabilities in their defensive structure. With a worse goalie, the Jets would say, “ok this is a problem we need to fix NOW”. But not when Helle bails them out repeatedly. That’s why they are a good regular season team, because his play gets them lots of points. But in a seven game series opponents have enough time to figure out the cracks in our defence.

  23. Please reference “One Great City” by the Weakerthans for insight into what being a winnipegger is truly about. 😀

  24. That elbowing call was a complete joke

  25. The call to Tuch was the makeup call for one of those though. But just poor reffing all around

  26. Is this dude skiing without mitts? Looks like bare hands there

  27. That dude is me and yeah I don’t have gloves on hahah. Lost my main pair earlier this week so I’ve just been freehanding it

  28. Well the centrepiece of such a trade would have to be the crown jewel of our defence: Logan Stanley.

  29. what the fuck!?!? what do you mean not create market impact!?!? so i can just buy trades now?.. and then execute when I want to affect the table??

  30. I was literally typing the same comment word for word. Then I scrolled down and found yours. Honestly what the fuck. And they just put it in a tweet, all casual

  31. Could be sentenced to “decades” in prison big whoop 🙄. Stole Billions, might get a few years in prison.

  32. House arrest for nerd orgy 🤓

  33. Where did that video of the guy in sweats with the sword go? I laugh every day thinking about that

  34. If you have time during the day, you need to go to Clementine Cafe on Princess. It’s the best. However it’s only breakfast and lunch, I believe they close by 4.

  35. Thanks for the tip! Added to my list. Anything in particular that I should get?

  36. Everything on their menu is great, but somehow I always feel regret if I don’t get the Braised Bacon Benedict. It’s more like a little seasoned pork belly than bacon. Mmmmm. However I usually talk my wife into getting “3 for 2” so we can diffuse the embarrassment of me ordering an extra breakfast. My close seconds include the fried chicken on toast, the Arctic char (amazing!!) and the Turkish eggs. Really, you can’t go wrong!

  37. That’s why I trust him with my money.

  38. Caps fan swinging over to say thanks and appreciation for your teams sportsman ship to congratulate Ovi on his #802nd goal! Much respect!

  39. Don’t listen to that other guy. I think pure hockey-wise, Ovi is the best Russian to date. He plays the NHL game better than most North Americans. He hits, plays defense, and he is an absolute pure goal scorer. He has that skill that no matter what the setup, he gets the puck in the back of the net. Garbage goals, snipes, everything. He gets the job done.

  40. One person working for SEVEN financial institutions At The Same Time

  41. Jack Hughes recorded the longest shift in NHL history tonight, 6:02! How does that even happen???

  42. Hopefully a Gordie Howe Hattrick followed by a trade tomorrow LOL. Sorry if that sounds rude, I just think the Jets NEED to trade one of the three D on the cusp, and imo it’s gotta be Stanley.

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