1. Pretty woman, look at the pic they use. Wonder if that was an accident from…. Oh… Business Insider.

  2. Don’t judge MA/boston on boston pd. Boston in general is a great and inclusive city for the most part, with rainbow flags outside many a church. Police tend to be hard red and boston definitely has a long inglorious history of racism (as with essentially every major city in the USA)

  3. When I was broke and staying in a cheap motel, I got some yoghurt for breakfast one day.

  4. Or treat it like a juice cup and tap it on the table to settle it. Maybe use 1 finger for the edges, if you’re alone and have a sink nearby

  5. That’s not too crazy (I would never). What’s upsetting is he orders his Steaks super well done with ketchup.

  6. Both are flirting with criminality. And in New York, where he’s “from”, the pizza thing is damned near a felony.

  7. How about for a year, living like a Barista must. All assets in a trust. CEO can be the second job like your piss wages require

  8. Way ahead of you Jill. Most people lagging here don’t respect women or teachers, and hate you because they’re brainwashed dipshits.

  9. The way he speaks deserves a beating on its own. What was the really important question you hair grabbing emotive twatwaffle?

  10. I’m grabbing their ears and parading them around like a pissed grandma.

  11. Looks like some boxer in him. Such great dogs!

  12. Or, you know, stay tf away from tigers.

  13. I want you desperate, is the message. F that.

  14. Those scales next to the pine, amazing camouflage

  15. If that googly eyed old idiot gets in anyone’s face he’s probably dropping.

  16. The issue is not fairness. The issue is discrimination. We have ruled sex discrimination is not allowed. It needs to be consistent.

  17. Participants in athletic competition are categorized by skill, age, sex, region, and any other number of factors. This isn’t an office job. I don’t want to armwrestle a robot. It would win by virtue of being made of metal and other advantages. Many structural advantages of masculine physiology don’t go away with HRT.

  18. If only there was some way to prevent someone from going through the wrong puberty....

  19. I have repeatedly said that legislation isn’t the answer and it’s in bad faith, we are 100% on ghe same page with respect to legislation. I just don’t think the uneven biological playing field is fair. That’s what we’ve seen in competitions.

  20. Goddamnit Mindy Kaling stay home. So annoying and unfunny.

  21. Policy? Cheat, hurt people for profit, lie, fellate some oligarchs.

  22. “You know, some people have been saying that Ron could be a little bit gay, and they’ve been calling him Gay Ron for a while, you know, not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but calling him Gay Ron, like there’s something he’s trying to hide. I don’t like politicians who have things to hide, you know they call me a ladies man, and I never tried to hide that. Got in trouble for it, but you know, no one ever accused me of being gay, so you really gotta wonder folks, is there anything to this Gay Ron stuff? I don’t know, you tell me, but I bet we’ll find more than that in Ron’s closet, and you know what they say about people who hide in closets. I think Ron needs to come out of the closet. Open the door Ron! Stop hiding in there and come on out!”

  23. Me too! My mom and dad are all “ only good snake is dead snake” well I’ve learned them a thing or two. I got 6 ball pythons and have forced them to at least be near them lol. My dads old habit was to get the shovel no matter what and kill. It saddened me so dang much. So I took time to educate and help them understand the local venomous species and our local colubrids. We do have a good Timber rattlesnake population behind my house. I got a few pic on my page. But now they understand not to just kill and send me a pic or call me, I’ll gladly go help the fella/girl out. Snake are just scared and don’t want ANYTHING to do with us. Even if it’s a hot, I told my parents I have hooks and clamp rods for the vipers. Don’t just kill them!!

  24. Awesome that you’re so capable but do be careful with the timbers. You may be Steve Irwin…. But so was Steve.

  25. That’s a win bud. Take em when you can get em.

  26. Used to be in a similar, less extreme situation. Lots of foot pain due to having 16EEE in high school. My feet hurt every day for 25 years with the shitty shoes I could find. WFH during covid I stayed barefoot and my feet healed a bit. Now I’ve found a brand that makes 15s that fit, Altra. My wide toes are the big issue I have moreso than length, and Altra has a crazy-wide toe for a more barefoot feel. Still am typically barefoot at home but at least I can walk without constant pain, when shoes are required

  27. Wtf is this supposed to be?! Nightmare on Daft St?

  28. And the bottles don’t even wobble! Aka this is a very misleading video about how this shit works in practice.

  29. Having multiple charges of anything is kinda pointless if it does not also increase the rate at which you can deploy them. At best it just gives you bigger bursts much less frequently. At worst it makes no difference.

  30. I think that’s understating the advantages. It allows different play options, like 2 zoning grenades closing off a room. It also gives you more refresh time even when you are chucking them back to back, but very little in that case. Under normal cover-to-cover or waves of adds scenarios, you often will have most of your first nade back before you throw the second.

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