[Postgame Thread] Vanderbilt Defeats Kentucky 24-21

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  1. Nashville’s Quietest Restaurants, Where There’s a Place at the Table for Conversation

  2. In fairness, this is a pre-pandemic article from 2017. Sewage plants were all the rage then!

  3. V8O says:

    Not OP, but yes this seems to have been taken along the first leg of the trail up to Mt Fitzroy. Could be from one of the viewpoints, but really you'd have this view for pretty much the entire first part of that hike, before you go back into the woods prior to reaching the first lake (from memory).

  4. OP here, sort of. We did a different route. Started near Hostería El Pilar, did the brutal climb to Laguna de los Tres, and I took this at about mile-13 coming back to El Chalten on the Sendero al Fitz Roy trail. It was an "oh by the way" picture at the valley overlook trying not to think about dying before getting back to town.

  5. What I don't understand is the absolute explosion in spammy backlinks that has happened to us in the last two years. Google says they ignore spammy links, but there is zero way these spammers would be doing this otherwise. The icing on the cake is that freaking

  6. I just tried using it on multiple sites but I keep seeing N/A data. I made sure my Chrome is set to accept cookies. What could be the issue?

  7. Same for me. Happy to help troubleshoot if needed.

  8. The quality of the light is almost pink, really sets off that blue-green water. Gorgeous

  9. It is super remote as well. Entirely worth they day to get there and back.

  10. Told you I was feeling sick

  11. Just north of you in CharPar! (To the left of TheNat)

  12. Tinwings in the Nations. Great service and great food too!

  13. any celebrity that took Jeffrey Epstein's lolita express

  14. Like former Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (though Trump might not have flown on the plane he admitted he knew what Epstein was up to)

  15. Healthsouth Richard Scrushy, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

  16. I thought Scrushy was Birmingham? Although no doubt he was/is a scumbag.

  17. HCA in the 90s keeping two sets of books and then in the mid 2000s with their insider trading lawsuit

  18. And now one of the players is a U.S. Senator in Florida:

  19. it was also that October 19, 2019 game against ranked Mizzou. They proceeded to slide and ended up firing Barry Odom

  20. Vanderbilt motto: Our job is to get your coach fired

  21. I’ve heard so many people say “Nashville is immune” and “we are just in a different place than everyone else”. That is 100% the sign than a correction is coming.

  22. “The world is made for people who aren't cursed with self awareness.” - Annie Savoy, Bull Durham

  23. I just want to understand the evil!

  24. And I will never understand how Google owns Blogspot and won’t fix authentication so bots can’t create junk sites and content. Crazy.

  25. Upriver from cardiac slide?

  26. I only know of it as the boat slide, but cardiac slide is fitting! That's how we got there, saw some kids walk down the boulders to get there

  27. We were told it is called the cardiac canyon float but we didn’t hike up to the falls. Next time we will! Easily the most gorgeous float we’ve ever done. Fish weren’t huge to there were a lot and the scenery can’t be beat. We took out at Warm River. Great pic!

  28. According to John Boyd’s biography, to be taken with a grain of salt as he was a pure fighter pilot, the B1 is a terrible, money hog of a platform. If I remember correctly, the Russians copied with their version. There is a reason we don’t see swing-wings any more. So this would be a Cold War battle of who can actually get either out of the hangar to even fly…

  29. Van Tiffin kicked for Alabama for 17 years. He personally beat Auburn by a last second field goal six times.

  30. The “Off to Be the Wizard” series by Scott Meyer are quite good. The Audible narration is fantastic and the best way to consume them. I still laugh at “don’t make the obvious joke”.

  31. I want to say Vonnegut but his funniest books also slay me. I'm having the Bokonon funeral rite read at my wedding.

  32. “If I am ever put to death on the hook, expect a very human performance.”

  33. This is one of the greatest devices ever. I bought myself one as a Father’s Day present last year:

  34. Please try out a weather week like this one or maybe August before you move here. After decades I am still like, “Jesus Christ this is hot and why do we live here again?”

  35. Because its just not accurate,Us had negative growth in q1 and China positive,they said the same thing last year and it didnt happend.

  36. Because we all know how trustworthy Chinese economic statistics are…

  37. It looks so out of place next to all the others. It’s like the whistling equivalent of logos.

  38. We hate it too. Oh, and bravo to you on the username - I will assume it checks out!

  39. Moose bites can be pretty nasty

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