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  1. It's a horn that grew between his pointer and middle finger

  2. There's Neary a daemon alive that can out run a greased stode

  3. Ok cool I'm just getting into painting so sorry if it seems obvious

  4. No problem! For other ways to attach it you could use foam tape or glue it to a base before painting.

  5. Awesome thanks man I'll be well on my way to looking like yours soon enough

  6. I swear I remember hearing someone saying ranni was the eldest

  7. Perturabo is just wearing big ol daemon armor to keep his soul leaking and you can't change my mind

  8. The AR is already a fallout 4 mod but we need that bolt on the right

  9. I was 5 in ow1 now I'm 1 but my Sr has never been higher

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