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  1. You have to beat some mini bosses in order to unlock the Kremlin map. Itโ€™s also a DLC area.

  2. How much does that dlc cost? It's sick af

  3. Welcome fellow memer You will fit in well on this subreddit.

  4. Maybe 10k, but the magnets he ate after jambo are 100k so it's 110k overall

  5. Nah, Jambo is like 10k, but magnets give him a 100k boost in calories

  6. What's wrong with being a homophobe, I don't get it. I thought you could have your own choice? No?

  7. Someone please speed this up and put the men kissing jumpscare music over it

  8. Damn... Didn't think about that Oh, you could also add that Spanish music

  9. Women are in need for the wet fart. I'm sorry, what?

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