1. You don't understand how strict building zoning divisions van be with their rules

  2. Negative. What news have you heard.

  3. Never going to happen in any reasonable way while the GOP is in control of everything. If you want to be able to grow, you need to go vote in November.

  4. I refuse to pay rent for place until homegrow is legal.

  5. i’d rather get fucked in the ass by a sharp stick with bark on it before i’d take a nasty ass public bus instead of driving. if anybody has a problem with that they can probably fit both my balls into their mouth at the same time

  6. How's rent+ car+ insurance+ gas+ food+ other expenses? Cuz my paycheck sure ain't cutting it close

  7. I know they have dual motor steel controllers. I definitely need a solid handle lol. I was even considering scooter type throttle so I'd get two solid grips.

  8. What sort or performance are you looking for and what is your budget? I've been running dual motors for years and I wouldn't recommend it unless you are trying to solve a specific problem. I only do it for fun and because I cannot fit a larger motor on the rear. Here is a topic on dual drive bikes:

  9. I've been hearing dual motors help you with the corners socially in snow? I'm in north so I'll be riding it all year and Im building it to RIDE it all year so I'm still wondering what I need to do lol. If not I'll just build a little range extender for my scooter and call it a day lol

  10. Omg I didn't even know they could do that. These companies need a revolt so bad

  11. Big ballin… yet, here you are on Reddit wanting information on what something is, that clearly says what it is written on it. Google is hard.

  12. When the fuck did anyone say just because you have good credit score also means you must know everything?

  13. With the Group Save discount, there's no autopay option for individual lines. I will be responsible for paying the total monthly bill. I accept payment via Paypal or Venmo or Zelle for the monthly charge $25.

  14. Hi can I get in this? I can do the monthly payments. If like to sign up today if possible so I can just go grab a veciket sim real quick and I can pay you

  15. Sweet I wonder how starling speeds compare to TMobile home speeds

  16. You can get the Mobley plan still? I was under the impression that it was grandfathered a long time ago.

  17. Ok than k you for the information. A $12 power supply wouldn't be too bad either but it's just another device to keep charged

  18. I want to start a group or join this one. Idk where to start

  19. I'm also interested in joining a group. Currently on a grandfathered Simple Choice plan with two lines. Losing a corporate discount soon, even now, this deal would cut my bill in half.

  20. Maybe they just have the misconception that a whole ass month is the average shipping and handling time around here.

  21. It goes by the address on your account for one, and two call TMobile, the checker said my house was not available but the rep put it through anyway and it works and has amazing speed.

  22. How did u get them to put it thru anyway? Did u have to call someone special?

  23. No just called TMobile then asked to be transferred to a home internet CSR

  24. Thank you so much. The CSR guy added my address right up and I'll get my router by the end of this month, slow but better than nothing.

  25. I'm looking for a family group to join for the $30 price for unlimited. I can go buy a sim card. I have a privacy card with 30 monthly every month or I can venmo/zelle recurring payment. If anyone is interested please reply. Thank you.

  26. What! Both of you are wrong? Redpocket acquired Freedom pop and Unreal mobile.

  27. I usually just cast something from YouTube, then tv turns on.

  28. Just tried it. Turning off works, turning on doesn't.

  29. Check if low power mode is on, it’ll not work if low power is on. I use mine with ethernet so dunno if WiFi works or not.

  30. Omg love the chair even for a regular house. That’s those things sitting around when not being used

  31. Wrap your van with black vinyl for winter Maybe? I would do a 12 volt heated mattress topper and heating blanket.

  32. Ong I might just do this with the buddy heater. Maybe get some heated gears too lol.

  33. That's good news. Both about the rest stops and the camp ground freebie. I didn't even think of rest stops. That would be great.

  34. Hmmm. That's pretty expensive. How much waste do you dump for that fee?

  35. I’m not doing anything yet. But I wanna get those units with 5 gallon tanks, can take it out to the public restroom, dump it. Spray air freshener if needed lol.

  36. Is it smoking yet in Montana? I wonder how forecast will affects speeds and pings.

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