1. Salah needs some new boots. Been losing his footing all game

  2. bro managed to package all that into 7 words, might be leading the league in bigotry efficiency rating (BER) 🔥

  3. I have him 3rd on my bench and he’s coming on because I have 3 players with no fixture. Feel dirty taking his points.

  4. Tell me you didn’t get into med school without telling me you didn’t get into med school.

  5. Same caption could be made if it was just Jerry West in the picture

  6. Pretty boy stones wanted no part of coutinho there 🤣

  7. Just woke up. Nice to see Liv - Eve finished goalless, finally some clean sheet points from TAA and Robertson 😍

  8. Hi ho, political scientist and resident wonk here! While it may be fun to joke about SAS as sort of a "meme President", what he's doing here actually devalues an important office and is, to put it frankly, incredibly harmful and toxic. And not to be a buzzkill OP, but joking about it the way you're doing, even though you're doing it all in fun (er... I hope :P) actually normalizes this kind of behavior and is really not a good look. Not mad, just hoping you'll take this as a learning opportunity to do better in the future, my guy!

  9. As an obesity fan, I was devastated when Adele got skinny

  10. You could transfer this question to the RMT

  11. I’m just now finding out Greg Abbott is in a wheelchair, I had no idea, that’s hilarious.

  12. Don’t you laugh at my boy Hot Wheels like that.

  13. People like Coldplay and voted for the nazis, you can’t trust people...

  14. Oh fuck off, got Andreas and Trippier on my bench

  15. I only get my news from Ballsack Sports and CockSources

  16. Bro is literally just asking a question. You’re the one being an asshole.

  17. At this rate Man Utd will be at 50% discount by labor day weekend!

  18. And I still wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole!

  19. I love being the cool uncle resident that gives everyone perfect evals and lets them out at noon every day.

  20. Salah literally only hauls when his EO is like 150%+. This is like 6 GWs in a row going back to last year when having him as a captain was actually a differential and he’s blanked in all of them.

  21. Imagine having mickey mount in your team 😂

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