When you come across a feel-good thing.

  1. Weed can be really helpful and used medicinally, but this subreddit is for people trying to leave the addiction so I'm not sure what answers you're hoping for

  2. im trying to learn how to prevent addiction in the first place

  3. also does anyone remember the name of that sub to share music to get high to

  4. Lol! Just smoke it my friend. You'll figure it out. Stop over-thinking it!👍

  5. yeah, but ive already tried that and i ended up inhaling the weed. should i inhale lighter or something?

  6. You have to take control of your thoughts. You can do this by preparing a space in which you can chill, alone if possible. Put on pleasant music. Go outside and take a walk. Watch a movie. Play a calm game. If you're already dealing with mental health stuff (and who isn't?), you'll have to meet your brain half way instead of feeding it weed and expecting it to get you where you need to be. It's the vehicle and you're the driver, so you'll have to steer it and pay attention to where you're going.

  7. this. if youre going in with dark thoughts then its always best to think about stuff you find comforting. try thinking about a nice location like a forest or something, and picture as much of it in detail as you can. also listen to music. Clear Moon by Mount Eerie is one of my fave albums to listen to high, or Bjork's stuff ^

  8. You can't tell from looks. I've had weed that looks great, I take one hit, tastes like shit and instant blood shot fully red eyes. So yea.. That's how you know lol

  9. fair enough. just did a half-joint and it fUCKED me up for like however long it’s been. this is super high THC but i don’t know what the fuck it is. it’s great though!

  10. dm. are you in East London? or close enough to it

  11. no it does but like i didn’t know how else to explain jt

  12. Looks like CBD and seems to have a flat surface which points towards it being sprayed with synthetic drugs. But if you wanted a serious answer, you would have taken it out of the bag before the photo.

  13. ty, didn’t know. will repost with it out of the baggy. is synthetic sprayed worse than real weed? as in will the effects be different?

  14. Hi! Currently the script that changes the recoil profile doesnt change the recoil back properly this issue only occurs if you put the mag adapter in, then take it out again. unfortunately, even though this is my own mod, the script is by

  15. I remember both of the audio servers I used to frequent (SEAudio and crin's server, there's overlap) saying the same thing lol

  16. didnt know crinicle had a server it seems much nicer ty

  17. there’s no way to contact them :(

  18. There are two Dev Manipulators in the REDACTED Chamber. One is on the right wall near the climbing ramps in the first room. The second spawns on the third iteration through REDACTED and is simply in the new Boneworks box near the weapons table.

  19. sadly the 2nd one only spawn if you have already reclaimed a dev manipulator in the past- i just used the balloon gun to float up there and throw it in

  20. you guys ever think about the liminal space feel of the Boneworks environments I know this game will be infinitely nostalgic in the future

  21. oh yeah i thought i was the only one that felt this

  22. it was on the unofficial boneworks discord, someone pinged brandon and he actually spoke for the first time ever lol

  23. Forgive me for the noobish question, but does Nvidia ray tracing work in any game or just those that support it? Does the Source engine natively support ray tracing or is there some behind the scenes magic here?

  24. i’m quite sure that this was a map that was exported to, say blender or some 3d software and then matched the lighting manually, to be rendered in ray tracing there. that would be how i do it, as games need to be developed with rtx support, and it can only work in some games.

  25. This would probably work but the actual explanation is that it just isn't RTX. It's a shader that uses depth information to do a non-RTX screenspace raytracing algorithm.

  26. uh that’s literally just words.... screen space≠ray trace in the slightest, depth maps would have no help and there would be no light information to work off. also idk where algorithms come in

  27. damn, thats a beautifully wide FOV - ive seen a lot of videos where the fov is lower (usually like 70 i think): how did you get it so wide?

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