1. Pretty sure this is Songs Of Caligula. The live "bootleg" from early 90s. I only put bootleg in parenthesis because I'm almost positive monster magnet or tim Cronin recorded it.

  2. Nah I had that cd back in the 90s. This one has songs from god says no.

  3. And mixed way too loud over the music, too bad because every thing else is damn good

  4. Yeah, they are underrated, they should have an album coming out, it's been awhile since the last one

  5. I have signed copies of Samsara and Death and Consolation vinyl. Seeing them in a few weeks in New Orleans.

  6. They are great live, I've seen them, they put on a really good show

  7. These guys are the definition of underrated

  8. Can I request to add a track or two of my band? It would mean a lot!

  9. Dude I'll put one of your tracks in the thread so it ends up on the listige playlist of the sub, and I'll put it on mine as well

  10. 🍗TY, are you doing one of those collages where we guess the bands? it's been awhile, it's always fun

  11. All I know is it's supposed to be this year

  12. I would include Skraeckoedlan in that list as well

  13. Oh yes, absolutely, isn't Salem's Pot from Sweden too? there are a bunch of others

  14. I'm old, so my list would have to include their Union Carbide Productions' cover, "Financial Declaration" (I Want More).

  15. We are instrumental but influenced pretty heavily by Dopethrone's sound.

  16. Holy Fucking Shit Dude, this is an awesome band

  17. The band from Argentina that got dropped from Psycho cause they couldn't stop posting shit with swastikas on their socials?

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