1. umm... I should probably add this is not directed @ anyone on here... I just have a lot of demons in me. Past memories. If you don't understand then.... dunno what else to say. lol

  2. I hate new jobs. Good luck and I hope you're able to get settled quickly! Hugs

  3. Me too. Always get misunderstood then pissed off @ everyone it gets worse, vicious cycle, round n round. Then I QUIT!

  4. I'm jealous. Need to be labeled so they know I ride w/ $uic!d3 on my M1nD. STOP STARING> to whoever watches me when I'm out LOL

  5. I shoulda listened! I got scared off cuz the terp% wasn't on the container. What a weird reason to miss out on it. Sorry budtender, I wasted your time and wasted my chance! lol

  6. Happened to me. But It let me lern that I CAN channel my angst into something I'm happy with to get my point across. Picking and choosing the times to do it is what I will work on today.

  7. Whatever you do. Stay off the porn sites on your computer. You will be watching porn for the next 20 hours. Lol

  8. agreed. But thanks to youtube that doesn't happen anymore. No porn on here hehe

  9. Sure! It's good to have desires. Learning the piano is a positive coping skill. I know I love playing my keyboard no matter what mood I'm in.

  10. Thanks for the helpful tips, searching for a midi controller and/or keyboard today. A bit too over current budget so will keep playing what I have to work with. =)

  11. Hey. Take a beat and breathe before you decide to go. There are more answeres after a moment of breathe or two ,you are allowed a safe/ peaceful space even for second ,the permission to breathe and relax holds power ,and that space holds answeres to your pain you cant see if you are fixed on finding your solutions in death. I have been to the bottom. Tho we dont know each other, Im thinking of you.

  12. I made another couple videos you guys might enjoy. Jusdt got excited to show off i guess. Calmer now. Trying to channel thoughts into stuufff,. It's going better.

  13. #1 sooo true LOL. Sorry. AHA I try 2 laugh about it now. It's just all very funny sometimes EDIT: if i don't laugh i'll cry so don't look @ me like I can fix my face IDIOTS out there (not everyone) I am one though. YES

  14. Started making videos now I Save states for life LOL

  15. Great question. I'd go with Lenny Dykstra and we'd have to eat some REAL spicy wings. That'd be fun. I bet his face goes beet red.

  16. Sobriety is nice man, cheers to you and your sobriety journey

  17. Thanks for the kind support, I need it! (sometimes)

  18. Iโ€™ve been on the other end of the fence too man, itโ€™s nice to say that youโ€™re going sober for however long you may last. You got this bro. โค๏ธ

  19. It's kinda funny. I perceive everything differently than everyone else I guess. Thought weed was keeping me sober (normal) but it triggered something in me. Was warned by doctors about it. Thought it couldn't happen but maybe it's FATE!

  20. Was this custom inspired by American Dad episode? Just guessing lol. Love it tho.

  21. I was so excited for san andreas but the Xbox wouldn't pop it's tray out.

  22. I'm glad I said at least one thing that I still mean.

  23. Why do I see a backwards Nike sign and think it's forwards lol. Nice rip./ FTW

  24. they dont &get us. not enlightened.

  25. targetting the mentally unwell. It's sick. I know.

  26. I hope it is too or at least can be managed and controlled

  27. Because people can't control themselves and you probably are what they want? Using my emotions to think: NOT A GOOD IDEA. Sorry =*(

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