1. Wow GR out in Q2! When did that last happen? Did that happen in 2022?

  2. Women twerking this : bad Women in dark fantasy game this : good

  3. Yep, people forget with the Abu Dabi incident. But:

  4. I agree and it also makes me feel a bit better about my lisp

  5. It's a shame that people will look back at this season as just "RB/Max dominance" because the races have been entertaining for the most part.

  6. A 100 point difference between 1st and 2nd is dominance, isn’t it?

  7. Because Mercedes is 30 points behind and slowly closing the gap

  8. Pierre likely to get one, although Alpine isn't exactly known for being competent.

  9. Even if they complete runs without yellow, i doubt they will beat out max, ferraris are consistently faster and Max beat them at their best, they could have been closer at maximum.

  10. I have been watching his DS3 adventure to sleep for days now. I often wake up to him raging.

  11. Perez being 2nd in the constructors is definitely not something I expected this time of year. Russell is now confidently ahead of Hamilton which is a shame, I thought that after Hungary Lewis would have a chance at P3 in the standings but not anymore. Less than a 100 points for the rest of the teams is very embarassing for the sport honestly.

  12. So petty, and people still won't admit that he has something against Hamilton.

  13. I mean it’s one race. So far this season Ferrari have had the better car on average.

  14. Yes, but the TD has worked in favor of RB and I can’t except Ferrari to really put up a fight in the remaining races. I’m wondering if Max could break the all time record for most points in a single season

  15. Why were they chanting that in the first place? It was a race, was there a Biden campaign ad on the track?

  16. Is this the season that’s gonna ruin his legacy? Cause there’s no way he is winning anything in these last few races

  17. Yeah I saw. If hamilton is to blame for silverstone, brazil, austria then alonso is to blame for this

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