1. Yay! Wtf is up with the digital tips though? Do 3 regulars tip thru the app and that's it?

  2. No idea! Its never been over 10 dollars since I started a few months ago. I work around 30hrs/wk and we do get around 40-50 in cash tips so maybe it evens out 🤷‍♂️

  3. I know you probably get some really tough calls, but what’s the funniest or weirdest call you’ve had?

  4. I’m not going to lie - I laughed so hard because wtf - but then after thinking about it felt really bad because she was an elderly lady who probably shouldnt be living alone :(

  5. Ah, yes. One time someone put three cans of whipped cream into their oven - forgot about it, turned on the oven, and then called because it exploded. There was no fire thankfully, just a messy situation. 😭

  6. Working on multi drink order - handing off the first drink and then the customer says “WHERES THE OTHER DRINK?!” Like bro, I’m working on it. I’m not a robot.

  7. No shift should ever work like that. At our store we do that on weekends before peak (because a lot of lunches land in the middle of peak which is a nightmare) or if the shift asks someone to due to staffing needs. 99% of the time it should be 10, 30, 10. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

  8. I work at the busiest store in my city - and we have predictable peaks in the morning and afternoon which is why I think they do it. 😭 it just sucks. I tried asking if I could have a 10 30 10 but they said we cant.

  9. What state are you in? That might be illegal. If you ever look at the DCR it’s always 10-30-10.

  10. We had three baristas try it. One gagged profusely, one ate the whipped cream off the top, and the other literally puked. 0/10 recommend

  11. the whip with the lemonade feels illegal. by the time they get to its gonna be a sweet warm curdled cup of peachy lemonade. yummy is an understatement

  12. Jesus that’s ridiculous. Great way to suck the life out of a store

  13. Wtf I made a mistake today and the SSV who overheard it said “dont worry - we all make them.”

  14. Our store director was the reason I and many other employees quit. She refused to communicate with the union. Even the union rep would sigh whenever she heard our store number. Goes on rampages where nobody can be right - only her. You were even warned that if you went for a PIC position - you had to put up with these yelling rampages. One time an employee was being berated by a customer. Customer took a swing at the employee (i witnessed it - he was doing nothing wrong. This was a pure karen.) and he got suspended. The union saved his job. She’s also known for giving you your least favorite schedule as punishment or giving you 7hrs between shifts to mess with you. She’s terrible and everyone complains about her. I quit 2 months ago and the turnover is sooo bad I don’t recognize anyone who works there anymore.

  15. Wait did I read it right? You honored the coupon and she still got pissed off?

  16. I was a daily user for 8yrs but I stopped - no judgment to those who still use of course because there’s a reason I used for 8yrs.. lol its great but not for me or my health. (I have CHS)

  17. I do this except Sprench! My classic mess-up was asking "Donde está les toilettes?" when I was visiting my ex's family in Mexico. I have never lived it down...

  18. Native english speaker; semi-fluent in French, learning Spanish and I do this ALL the time.

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