1. Don't get me wrong, any commentary is welcome and I will totally watch it. However, it's not the same unless they're both doing it. Listening to them argue and yell at each other, as well as hearing spenny's insane logic on why he does what he does in the episodes is my main draw. It's like a second episode to me.

  2. Hard disagree. The crew commentaries are excellent. Waaaaay better than Kenny and Spenny bickering while the show runs in the background.

  3. I’ve always been curious how much Kenny really smoked during production. I always got the vibe that he was an off and on smoker and tried to keep it out of the show, only including it for comedy- smoking in the work place in crime, offering the downs guy a smoke, this legendary cigarette flick, etc

  4. I truly believe it was cm and not inches or spenny would not be such an insecure bitch about it

  5. Think of it this way - if it was inches, why would Spenny have used a pants stuffer in boner?

  6. You’re taking downvotes but yea this scene always struck me as preplanned lol.

  7. Why when I wouldn't get the same respect in return? Besides my comment was an underhanded remark, it was intended to be snide.

  8. No, censorship would be me deleting all your posts and banning you. Making a slight effort to reduce political arguments in a non political subreddit is just me doing my job of moderating the conversation. I had to do the same shit with all the pro/anti trump posts too around the election

  9. lol thats the thing about opinions. yours are as equally valid as mine. you can disagree all you like, but that doesn't mean much to me if it doesn't go beyond "my preference" vs "your preference" unless you are going to attempt to claim that there is some sort of objectivity to an interpretation of experience like being censored. Good luck with that one. It would be a bit more honest of your to simply acknowledge this is a different of opinion, but it means nothing to point that out. it doesn't change my experience, nor my view just because you have an opinion in the opposite direction, especially if, as you can see, you put far less effort into your views than me.

  10. Haha exactly the same here, in Manchester in late February 2020!

  11. https://old.reddit.com/r/kennyvsspenny/comments/y61d1r/christmas_came_early_the_complete_zanta_upscale/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=kennyvsspenny&utm_content=t1_j43k9b6

  12. I consider "Who is the better woman" to be unwatchable, that's an immediate skip every time.

  13. For me, that's rapper. It's just boring and the twist at the end with the cop feels staged as all fuck. It's probably one of the episodes that was staged

  14. there going to be new stuff very soon! getting some crew and shit together.

  15. Honestly the pines of the northwest are pretty kick ass, but I wouldn't argue being an oak.

  16. I have a beautiful old valley oak on my property, they truly are magnificent trees

  17. Dude, you just wrote twice as much as I did. And this is pretty much the first time I've mentioned the situation since it happened months ago; check my post history.

  18. Again, you can't say "I have the proof but I won't show you" and expect me to not question that. But the brigading of his YT (or lack thereof) I already conceded is not the point I care most about.

  19. Broooo I saw the title of this post and I thought it was out

  20. Sounds like a good kick in the ass to finally download the upscale collection.

  21. Damn if only I had the dvds, the dvd rip torrent, and the Zanta upscale collection on my HD.

  22. To get the og Zanta it was originally put up on mega and then I produced a torrent for the subreddit

  23. You download .torrent file and open it using a torrent client application to download the zip file from seeders who have completed the torrent download already; then the episodes are contained inside the zip file

  24. he's got enough on his hands moving house, and city, and country. and he is apparently going to be spending 2023 releasing videos tearing into the myths propagated by the reformers, which I am sure this sub will loooove.

  25. I’m sexually attracted to the American MIC, sorry Eisenhower.

  26. Sometimes I think most people that mention this quote are not aware of the broader context of the speech where that warning was given. Like they see the 15 second clip and then switch tabs back to their 9/11 conspiracy video.

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