1. Hello Amazon? I got a problem with a late delivery.....

  2. You ordered concrete beams from Amazon?

  3. Can you explain why all the countries with a lower crime rate than Canada are also more progressives? Harsher punishments in a liberal society never help in reducing crime rate. The only time harsher punishment work is in very authoritative governments like China, Singapore, Cuba or Vietnam.

  4. I agree with this claim and the data it supports since I grew up through the 80s and 90s and a more forgiving legal system did reduce crime. But now it's rubberbanding back and crime rates are creeping up, slowly but surely. I feel this theory has reached its apex and if crime continues to creep up, what then?

  5. I have basically the same vehicle, 2007 with 90k. No chance in hell I would sell mine for 13.5k, but mine has less rust. 13.5k from a dealer seems very low, like beyond "good deal" moving into "You get what you pay for." But I just realized this might be for a 2WD?

  6. Yes they are selling it as is. I'm in Canada so we get hard winters with alot of road salt. I'll try and upload additional photos.

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