"Not-A-Halt" Halt Today: Are they all working together to manipulate stock price?

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  1. Artificer/wizard with an AC over 20 even before shield. "I am the tank"

  2. Why have money at all? If a job needs to be done then it should be done, in return you get access to a functioning society. Everyone has something they can contribute, everyone has things that need to be done. Why involve pieces of paper in any of that.

  3. Ohh how convenient that you didn’t address a single point I made, and changed the subject.

  4. Just take what I said and scale it up or down as needed. A CEO is no more important than a janitor or a mechanic. I would say less important, but if the company decides it needs one then sure, whatever.

  5. You are thinking too small... if you position giant panels very close to the sun, and then beam that power back to a receiving satellite which is then sent to a ground station, you can generate way more power. As a bonus, aliens will debate why our sun is randomly dimming.

  6. We already have a massive fusion plant, the problem is the useful power extraction

  7. Yah, definitely seemed sus to me. Gimme that hopium, straight in my veins.

  8. is this for plausible deniability later that they can say "it was a LULD halt we just forgot to code it tee hee" even if it didn't jump outside the 5% band in 10 min (is it?)

  9. It's 5 minutes not 10, but at that time 5% would be correct. A few minutes earlier would have needed 10.

  10. Why wouldn't you exercise the option if it expired ITM? You would be throwing your money away if you didn't.

  11. you can just sell the option instead, because you may not have the cash in your account to exercise the option. You would have to do this before expiry though.

  12. How do you sell an expired option? There is no longer a marketplace for the expired option.

  13. you sell at some point before close on the expiry date. People who sold options may prefer to buy to close instead of remaining on the hook for the option.

  14. Related to broader market issues that could impact the GME price .

  15. Does the data you have say whether tickers are being halted on the way up or the way down, or would you have to manually check that?

  16. this has been a question a few times. It does not specify the direction, you would need to check the ticker, and seeing as there can sometimes be over 100 halts in a single day that isn't feasible.

  17. I can see both sides of this. It’s natural to judge people based on their past actions. It’s not that I don’t believe in second chances, but if someone has been convicted of a crime, I’m going to be cautious before I give them access to vulnerable material.

  18. It's a legal system, not a justice system

  19. There's also a shell/special acquisition company that has an LULD (volatility) halt on Wednesday that still hasn't resumed. It was supposed to have earnings last week and has delayed them 3 times already.

  20. MEOA, but SNMP had something super odd yesterday too

  21. Biden is a pro-capitalist. He literally admitted it in his tweet. Bernie called him out for taking super PACs money in the 2020 election. I don't know how we manage to continue to fuck our future up.

  22. All mainstream US politicians are pro-capitalism, Bernie and AOC and the rest of them just want to put a happier face on an inherently broken system and pretend that they fixed it.

  23. I would still rather have regulated capitalism working for the people than the capitalist. But I would prefer over anything else a socialist economy

  24. Crapitalism will never actually work for the people, the only goal in crapitalism is to maximize profits. It doesn't actually care about people except when they can be exploited for profit.

  25. I threw a gathering storm one time, didn't help either.

  26. More importantly, it dropped ascendant alloys

  27. I want vault next. Give us an energy ag frame shotty to craft please.

  28. I know it's not special, but if you run double special with an LMG that just shreds pretty much anything.

  29. Yah, I had fun a few months back when the actual name of the pandemic was added, that got my post tracking volatility (LULD) halts but I was able to resolve it and post a clean one.

  30. Honestly for the sake of a prolonged MOASS GME can’t be the reason the markets crash. They have to crash first.

  31. They could just say it was because of the debt ceiling getting too close. People would buy that easily.

  32. well, yah. Didn't it hit an all time low a few months ago?

  33. I won't, my life has been shit for years now. I just want for this to all be over so I can pay rent next month. Still not selling since it wouldn't do me much good at these prices anyway.

  34. Still not done, I am still hoping for it to fall through and crash the market next week so their collateral dries up.

  35. Yah, same way shoplifting from big chains is. I don't respect either institution enough to give a shit when they lose something for a change.

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