1. How is this 6 years old.... wow

  2. https://twitter.com/djoblig/status/1612551786719584256?s=20

  3. and this one reminds me of a man stealing his teammate's wife, I doooo say

  4. Sox's performance is directly proportional to the weirdness of his choice of hat

  5. no idea but it's the same vibes as "when babylon falls, these man are making babylon calls"

  6. Grime isn't dead until Subzee retires

  7. Subzee the greasiest mc in the room and they all know it, d double and Skepta are embracing how good he is while President T is in the back looking standoffish because he feels threatened by subzees flows. And Tempz is clearly absolutely shitting himself because he has to mc after the lyrical destruction caused by Subzee

  8. the finger point move is goated 😭😭😭

  9. I know England is going through hard times so they need to distract people with witch burning but it's really about time they uncancelled Wiley already. Kanye took it far further before they clamped down on him.

  10. facts, the witch-hunt went way out of proportion

  11. Can guarantee Jammer has sniffed at least 50 lines while playing this back in the studio

  12. Wonder if he's let any of the Sheikhs shit on his chest yet

  13. That is a most unsettling thing to read, is there a particular reason you chose to write that?

  14. Well known that Sheikhs pay influencers to go out to Dubai to perform that specific act and many others, maybe Wiley is joining in too

  15. Solsa, the man with the ego of Chip and the talent of Subzee

  16. I see an account post a lot of solsa, no idea who he is.

  17. he looks like ksi, before he was an athlete

  18. Hidden gem with wordplay? Yeah you're basically looking for

  19. Pointless going Spotify, has fuck all sets and most of the best tracks are missing too, YouTube is 100% your best bet

  20. Just after Logan came back to rinse for the first time in years 👀 coincidence?

  21. probably his 200th album drop fakeout and "surprise" clothing drop 😭😭

  22. Discarda gets 60 upvotes and this gets 8…

  23. Real life teachings straight from an Uncle won't be a Tom 🤯🤯🤯

  24. The man the myth the walking gram of sniff 🐐🐐🐐

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