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  1. No one wins until the game is over. Some are changing the rules and playing their own way, but we already know what the result will be. We played that way before, and it wasn't fun and did not go well. They may seem to be winning today. The outcome is really still not known.

  2. I just received my first pair. I also had some trauma in the past, but also played in bands for years.

  3. Isn't this the idea that Reagan shared, starting the inquiries into his mental health?

  4. I have been thinking about this lately. I still have post 9/11 gibill to use. Freinds and family that I talk with about this tell me not to, but not from a financial viewpoint, more from a boredom or "need to work" perspective. It's hard to explain how much time I feel I need weekly just to feel baseline "well" and that I haven't been fully focusing on myself in years, that focusing on a job leads to the downward spiral, and what is my life going to look like after I wait until retirement age to retire.

  5. They are going to go bezerk when they find out about the world wide web.

  6. I find the handprints at the bottom distracting. May work better in a more gradient style from pure white at the bottom. My eyes keep going back to those and they feel more like dirty mistakes than intentional marks.

  7. Republicans want to break government so they can tell you how bad it is while covering up they’re the ones who broke it.

  8. 100%. The agency I work in is so screwed up from drumpster fire days.

  9. Just amazon or blicks. I use 72×whatever is on sale.

  10. The girl on the cover was my first crush. I was 7 when that came out.

  11. I'm also coming in to say yoga. Nothing worked better than that.

  12. Im 50. Yoga brought back flex that I'd lost. Going snowboarding this weekend and hope to continue living this lifestyle into old age.

  13. If it were unconstitutional, the SCotUS would have banned it. They didn't.

  14. I went down this pathway, similar circumstances. If you didn't have a combat rating when you signed the deal, you can't change it.

  15. Thanks. I didn't even want to sign it. I made a huge deal over it on their office. They said if I don't sign it. I won't be discharged or they will change my discharge. I said I wanted to see jag. They laughed. So i signed it. I was going through a lot at the time.

  16. We shared the same experience. That is a detail that should be made very clear during the process. It may have been something that I missed, but I felt like my note-taking was on point at that time.

  17. I have not seen anything on COVID. VA is just getting agent orange top coated, starting on Gulf War and burn pits. Give 'em a minute.

  18. It wouldn't hurt to get a hearing test done pre c&p. I have heard costco has testing, and their results have helped people in my area with claims.

  19. Use the cheapest stuff. Liquitex or cheaper. Maybe go for quantity over quality for now.

  20. Two-headed lizard moving in different directions.

  21. For $25 I'll cover it. It would still be a candidate for this sob because I'm not skilled in the art of tattooing.

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