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  1. Hi - some incomplete info posted early about our Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. We'll be sharing all details ahead of launch, but want to confirm now that new Overwatch 2 heroes will be available on the free track of the Battle Pass.

  2. Yeah that ult is cool but has a big tradeoff. ANY enemy can touch your stomach and apply the eight trigrams seal, and then your nine-tailed fox can’t be used ever again.

  3. Hi everyone - wanted to clarify what happened here. In preparation for the launch of Overwatch 2, we sent out an email that provided customized in-game statistics to current Overwatch players. Unfortunately, a small number of players received an email with a randomized Battle Tag name and statistics. No other information was shared. Apologies for the misfire!

  4. Hey there - we accidentally granted the wrong reward instead of Overwatch League tokens for some players, and we've just gone through and completed correctly issuing the tokens that viewers earned.

  5. Appreciate your support for Overwatch and OWL!

  6. What sort of missions can we expect from the battle pass? Will they be hero specific (like hook 20 enemies with Roadhog), general gameplay (push a payload 400m), both, or neither?

  7. We are planning to add a variety of challenges that players can complete to progress their Battle Pass. We are not planning hero-specific recurring challenges (we are planning lifetime challenges that feel a bit more like achievements and aren't intended to progress the Battle Pass in a significant way).

  8. Can it be a wrestle match between Sean and John

  9. this is just our first patch for the Beta - team is continuing to experiment with other ideas too

  10. Jon, when's this coming to OWL? Next week or are they stuck on the old patch for the whole stage?

  11. I’m just a fan now myself :) not really involved in those types of decisions with my new role at Blizz

  12. Prediction for first Battle for Texas this year?

  13. did i misread then? on the article it says "If you watch specific Twitch streamers during a very limited window, you’ll be eligible for the drops. This doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get beta access, but at least you’ll be in with a shot."

  14. There’s no rng here - just meet the 4 hour requirement in that time window

  15. Im37 replaced by I'm 3 foot 7

  16. I don't know if they realize how weird it feels to talk about some balance changes on a game that none of us have played or even really seen.

  17. We do. But personally I think it’s still better that we try to explain what we’re working on, how things are going so far, etc., even if “we increased the cooldown of an ability you haven’t seen yet” is hard to follow. One of our biggest goals for Alpha is to take and act on balance feedback leading into the April Beta.

  18. It’s an honor just to be nominated

  19. All OWL player agreements can be signed for up to 3 years, with a maximum of 1 of those years being an option year. So there are some players on each of 1+1, 2+1, 1+0, 2+0, and 3+0 contract terms.

  20. Were the other teams not interested? Or do Glads and Justice have the most experience on the game since they were knocked relatively early in terms of NA teams?

  21. Shock and Dallas are also playtesting now that they've been knocked out of the playoffs.

  22. Triple elimination for Dallas! (Also we’ve fixed this now, thanks for flagging)

  23. Hope you enjoy watching playoffs! Should be a lot of amazing matches.

  24. Magic eight ball says you’ll have the answers you seek in a day

  25. I hope that doesn’t negatively impact the ping of everyone playing from Hawaii

  26. Whoops. Can someone try to get them to move it since I can’t edit titles?

  27. We’ve already announced encores for the entire playoffs…

  28. Easy to miss stuff like that but yeah when we updated the schedule we added encores to help cover Europe (and east coast US).

  29. The first match of Shanghai vs. TBD will be played at China local time 7 AM, which means they likely need to wake up at 5 AM to warm up.

  30. Just to be clear on this point, for the first three days of playoffs where we start earlier, we will arrange the matches so that we have any West vs. West matches played first in the day. Shanghai / Chengdu wouldn’t ever compete in that 7am China time slot.

  31. Hey Jon, I appreciate this clarification but it leaves one small hole. On day 3 there are 3 games, with the first starting at that earliest time slot, and they could potentially all be East vs West showdowns. What would you do then? Delay all the games? Thanks in advance if you respond.

  32. If Seoul or Philly advances this weekend, then on day 3 while we’d most likely have a west vs west match to start, our backup is that we’d do the KR vs Hawaii matchup first (Korea is an hour ahead of China). If Hangzhou advances this weekend though, and somehow we head into day 3 with all 3 matches East vs West, we’d adjust the schedule back accordingly.

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