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  1. Rain sucks for mobile. Would not recommend

  2. I'd recommend getting them from Lesotho. The price won't be as inflated and the quality is on point. I haven't found anyone selling in Cape Town, but I know of people selling in Joburg and Lesotho

  3. Model a portion of it, then use the array modifier

  4. Have you done UV unwrapping of your model?

  5. no I have not, is this required? I just want to apply a rust like texture to my material randomly, not important in what location specific material is applied. My understanding is that UV wrapping is only needed if you want to map out exactly what part of an image/texture is applied to what locations on the model.

  6. So if you want it to seem random, use grunge texture nodes. I unfortunately don't know much about what nodes to use and where to put them, but I do know that you don't need an image texture for what you're trying to do

  7. If you don't want to spend it getting shitfaced, just don't?

  8. I still wanna go out. I don't have to get drunk when I go out. Parties are still fun sober. So... do you have any recommendations or are you just telling to be boring, my bru?

  9. No. That's just how people used to draw aliens 👽

  10. Spiderman Into The Spider Verse

  11. Oh yes!! Perfect 🎁 💝 🔥

  12. Humanom revelio (I don't think I spelt that right) reveals if there are any people in a given area, even if those people are hiding or using an invisibility cloak or disillusionment charms

  13. Then try downloading it directly from the swtor website

  14. tried that, didnt work... Is there a way to change the resolution before you enter the game? My computer has always had a wierd issue with changing resolutions for some reason and it could be the reason

  15. I'm not sure. I'll have a look on my side when I get to work later (left my laptop there last night)

  16. Got this used in very good condition, was very surprised this happened as I thought the wheel cores were very durable and should last longer then the thane especially for popular branded wheels. Have other cored wheels like Seismic & Zombie Hawgs which are still OK for now but wondering if they may end up the same down the road

  17. Depends how old the wheels were when you bought them. Yes, they great wheels, but old plastic that goes unused become brittle

  18. Look for the donut tutorial series by Blender Guru

  19. Not the biggest fan of RWBY. The story could've been written better.

  20. Here's info on dnd's Shadow Dragon

  21. Veganism has lost its true meaning, now that a lot of began food is heavily processed

  22. And downhill. I had the normal Tomahawk as my downhill and freeride setup for a long while

  23. I still don't understand the short longboard craze. It looks amazing, but that's too small for me

  24. Before you start asking for people's opinions on the movies, I recommend finishing the books and forming your own opinion. I say this because people in this group are split: some people love the movies despite how they treat the books, and others swear that they're the worst book- to- movie adaptations ever. So experience it first, then ask what others think

  25. It wasn't really luck. Voldemort is a really smart dude. He played to Harry's weakness and ego. Harry should've been smarter

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