1. This is a six gallon tank in a room that gets a lot of natural sunlight, but sits in a dark corner. It‘s only inhabitants are a single betta and a single assassin snail. The tank once was thriving and the plants grew like crazy. Only RO water and bottled water were used in weekly 20% water changes. Except for literally one time when tap water was used to top off the tank when bottled and ro water were briefly unavailable.

  2. I feel this post in every part of my soul. No one else in my family has kids yet. And taking her anywhere with clothing is a disaster. She wants to “try it on” with everything so she pulls all the things off the racks or hides in the racks and thinks it’s hysterical. Cant take her to Lowe’s, or any craft stores, of anywhere with anything in reachable areas.. God help us when does this phase end!?

  3. My oldest LOVED onion during toddler years. He would just eat it like an apple. He wont do that now, but he will at least eat anything with onions in it which his younger brother wont.

  4. My daughter will pull down the walls to get an onion. I get them diced to make food prep easier and she would sit and eat them out of the container like she were eating peanuts or something. I hate onions so it weirds me out! She has been doing it for at least a year so idk if she’s ever going to outgrow it!

  5. My kid is “ghost and witch hunting” right now but when she first started and I didn’t know what she was doing she really freaked me out claiming there was a ghost. She’s two so idk where she really picked it up from but boy does she LOVE Halloween. Nothing scares her. Me? Not so much.

  6. My daughter saw an eye doctor at six months! They have super cute techniques to do the exam that seemed more like games than an eye appointment. At least at her age. I loved them apond don’t mind the hour drive to her eye doctor for how good they were.

  7. My girl friend said cleaning Your house when you have a toddler is like raking leaves in a tornado. She’s so right, but I still spend those hours a day doing light housework.

  8. I bought finger paint in two colors and a large canvas. I put my kid in the bath tub with a paper plate of a little paint, a paint brush and the canvas. What resulted was a beautiful abstract painting that I absolutely love and a surprisingly easy to clean up mess. She painted the canvas as well as the bath tub floor, walls, and herself but it rinsed all off in like two minutes. We’ve made several paintings doing this and it’s honestly one of my favorite things to do with her.

  9. Kitchen set and a dollhouse are my 2.5 year olds most favorite things in the world to play with! There’s also a color it yourself giant cardboard playhouse that I’m impressed with. She loves having her own hide a way.

  10. Yep. My daughter has always preferred her dad. He works a lot so I say it’s because he’s “limited edition” 🤣

  11. Be prepared with snacks and drinks. Good 2 Grow drinks with the no spill character lids work great and fit in the cup holders (they are dishwasher safe just can be tricky to get clean if they don't get rinsed out right away).

  12. I’m so glad you mentioned getting caught in traffic. I was debating going in the car alone with her. Whew! I love your suggestions!

  13. I just got a shark rocket pro! It’s cordless, charges full in no time, is crazy light and I use it to keep up with two cats, a 2 year old and my husband lol. We got it for about $150 and I can’t recommend it enough! I have primarily hardwood floors, but also two area rugs and one carpeted playroom on my first floor and it tackled them all fabulously. 10/10

  14. We did! Robles gave our friends son a ball, too! So glad we got to go! :) Stay well, friend.

  15. A little late to the question here but I've used a Shark Rocket corded vaccuum and I love it! Think I paid around $100 thanks to a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon.

  16. Thats funny because about two weeks ago I finally decided, and bought the same one :) love it so far!

  17. Bounce patrol “dance party”. Every night she drags me, my husband, nana, grandpa, and her two baby dolls to the dance floor and forces us all to dance our tails off to this song. She knows all the moves too! It’s actually quite catchy and I’ve caught myself moving to it even when she’s not listening to it lol

  18. They are not yappy really. Mine will bark if someone approaches the door. He also barks when the fox stands under the window and barks to him - they have a conversation for a bit. They're a love match. It's a real life "The Fox and the Hound" or "Lady and the Tramp" with the two of them. Also, he barks at the deer when they visit. But 99.999% of the time, he is quiet. Papillons are a wonderful breed. They are loving and incredibly smart. They understand a lot of what you say and are caring and sensitive to their owner.

  19. I absolutely adore the “Fox and the Hound” reference! That’s immediately what came to my mind as well! How delightful!

  20. My papillon is SO quiet. Our dog walking service hired a new walker and the first time she came into the house, my dog was so quiet that the walker took 5 minutes looking through the house before she found him in his crate.

  21. Ronan. Taylor Swift. Ripped my heart out. I won’t dear listen to it now that I have my own child.

  22. Mother has had it for years. Doesn’t have any additional markings. Feels like metal but broken areas look like slate.

  23. Oh you poor thing! I panic to the point of tears when I once couldn’t find my daughter in the house on the same floor as me! I’m glad everything’s ok!

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