Queen under medical supervision as doctors are concerned for her health

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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  1. I am leaning towards probably not giving someone that rejected me a second chance.

  2. I don't drain it off. I eat in in the meal. Fat is where the flavour is.

  3. Its totally fine to shop at the thrift store even if you are ok money wise, don't worry about it!

  4. Unfortunately just a part time high school cleaner.

  5. I'm probably just going to use the food diary in fitbit from now on.

  6. The no limit of earnings is for sweatcoins, the original coin.

  7. crypto is 6k steps limit for premium users

  8. I like 1 or 2 best (because of the wings)

  9. I can't speak for the majority, only for myself.

  10. Yeah, putting it in those terms, it def doesn't sound good from my part. However, yelling at me all the time isn't for sure the best way to express her issues. I can say I would understand it better and react better if she could talk about it without yelling/attacking me constantly.

  11. She likely has tried talking to you about it without yelling many times before the yelling started - trouble is you are probably too interested in the games or the cycling to have registered those prior attempts and now she is really frustrated.

  12. Dating a vegan wouldn't be my preference as I would prefer to be able to cook/share meals with my partner. It likely wouldn't be an absolute dealbreaker though.

  13. Joggers, PJ bottoms or leggings with a t-shirt and a hoodie (oversized fleece type) when cold.

  14. You absolutely made the right decision.

  15. I was 37 the first and last time I got asked for ID.... bottle of cheap wine along with other groceries.

  16. Same, I am not a fan of the Royal family as a whole but I found myself sad when the statement was released about her health today.

  17. After speaking to various people, the general reason I've seen is either jealousy (they aren't supported by a union, so it's not fair) or that the end goal (which in a lot of cases is a pay rise) will worsen inflation and thus make our economy worse.

  18. I'm not going to have heating on, already had to tell my teenage daughter that.

  19. I'm a cleaner with a local authority contracting company, we were balloted for strike action along with the bin men at least in my area.

  20. Maternal - Grandma (English but lived in Wales)

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