1. Omg, you are doing so good! I'm really glad you stopped crying, I'm on day 2 and my hair feels weird. I think I'm gonna have to shower again and see if that helps.

  2. I don't know about the diapers themselves, but you can also buy pads that go underneath them in the bed.

  3. Honestly, I don't always pay attention to what sub I'm in. I see a question, I have a funny story, only realized later that it was ask men.

  4. Your dad is wrong about you. Every negative word is just . . .wrong, not right. You will NEVER convince him of this, and you don't really need to. You know who you are and that's all that matters.

  5. OOP ruined their own night, possibly made their family’s night rather uncomfortable, assaulted innocent theater patrons while storming around stalking these guys (yes, bumping into people is a type of assault), and risked provoking a violent fight (angry stalking rarely ends well). In what universe is OOP not TA?

  6. Plus, dragging her daughter with her as she went on the hunt for these men! What is she teaching her daughter in that moment? That it's ok to seek an angry confrontation over slights she made up on her head?

  7. That's why you take the vacuum outside to suck up some gravel and stone them to death.

  8. Thank you! I think you guys have convinced me to cancel my flights and fly the night before

  9. If someone told me, that in 2 minutes I'd have nice warm cookies in my hand, I'd be the happiest person alive.

  10. Ex husband had ms, but was somewhat mobile. One day he went to the grocery, he staggered a bit, and had trouble with his change at checkout. Grocery store decides he's intoxicated and call the police. Police arrive, he explains, he's arrested. When he went before the judge, he was immediately released, and the judge was angry he had been arrested at all.

  11. I put mine in my coffee, it definitely took the sweet out of French vanilla, lol.

  12. No, honey doesn't need to be refrigerated. Who did you get it from? I've had some from Ancient Roots, Buckeye Relief, Butterfly Effect and Cokoh. They all worked pretty well for me. I only use it before bed, and it really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.

  13. Butterfly effect, I've always been happy with their products. I'm also a little unsure of the dosage, I'm pretty much a lightweight, so, .guess it's trial and error for the desired effect. Thanks so much for your answer!

  14. I love this video so much, watch it every time it pops up. But, dude dresses exactly how I do while on vacation.

  15. Take this to the legal advice subreddit, I think it's called tortious interference and it's actionable.

  16. Gosh, it’s been years at this point since I’ve cruised but there always use to be snacks out around the ship. Things like Pretzels, gold fish, and cookies. Is this not the case anymore? I’ve got some picking eaters too but I thought snacks would still be out around the ship?

  17. They do have snacks on board, I bought 2 cans of pringles for 14.50, well definitely bring them next time.

  18. Oh I was thinking free snacks. They use to have free snacks out around the pool deck and different areas. Is that no longer a thing?

  19. It is still very much a thing, you never have to look far for food on a cruise. We had had a long day, wanted to chill in the room for the night and just wanted chips to munch on.

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