1. Hi sis you can contact him via WhatsApp +66819579039. I’m scheduled to have mine this coming December. Good luck

  2. I just hope Apocalypse didn’t happen. The way it did my witches dirty is homophobic!

  3. I don’t really cry when I watch television but I teared up by that ending. This episode was so good

  4. That 1 ep gave justice to the Coven’s destroyed story bc of the Apocalypse

  5. Hi. How was ur scars from hairline lowering so far??

  6. I don’t know if theres surgery for that. If we have big bones I think we can’t do anything about it anymore.

  7. 41-42 is ok for women. At least there are shoes with this size on women's shop. Mine are 43,5 :/

  8. i’m asian and commonly asian women’s sizes are up to 40 only :-(

  9. Yes! Chronic masturbation. So glad I got an orchie. I felt like a monkey playing with myself like that.

  10. Even though I don’t masturbate my dick gets red. No discharge, just redness.

  11. It’s a patch of dry skin. if you’re on spiro, that’s why. There’s a reason cis gendered women love lotion and moisturizer so much

  12. I’m on Cyproterone Acetate. Are they the SAME?

  13. Oooh yes. I've always had issues with dry skin and eczema, but E took it to the next level. Didn't help that I moved to a very dry climate 3 months pre-HRT too.

  14. Thank you!! I think i’ll just moisturize more🤍

  15. Naomi and Gia. No hate but srsly Latrice and Monique’s lipsync was so messy

  16. I think Frances Conroy should be the main cast and Cheyenne is the guest star

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