1. I’ve been retrying on the ads for a few months now. I’ve given up after a month of trying it daily. I will still try again every now and then to see a miracle but nothing. Thought it was just me. XD

  2. Go back and ask them to either fix it or a refund.

  3. It’s fun. I do it cause it’s fun. Most of my dreams are vivid. As in living in a school/home high in the mountain, being in a movie/show scene that you get to experience yourself, being an animal and exploring the world from the pov, being IN an animated world with Disney/marvel/etc characters as your friend/foe, etc. all these scenes are always there when I dream and I don’t bother to change them cause it’s fun to explore the world like that. I’ve met superheroes, game characters, celebrities that I will never meet in my lifetime. it’s fun to do all those things. At least to me. If you don’t like it, it’s fine. But I can like whatever I like. You can hate me. You can even write mean things to me. But will I bother to read them, that’s up to me. If you’re saying these things, you really should at least give it a shot. If you want to bang someone (say a celebrity you like or something), go for it.

  4. What about for e-reader apps that are specifically for phones which would allow for scrolling?

  5. I have 5 different cards on my account. I am a NY resident, and being a resident I am given access to Brooklyn PL, and NY PL. It’s quite lovely. Look around at all of your options, because the more you have the better your selection is.

  6. There’s also queens public library too if you don’t know.

  7. I personally can’t do anything with that length, but it look gorgeous on you. If you like it, then it’s enough.

  8. For one, get your parents to speak to you in Cantonese. Or you can insist on speaking as much Cantonese as possible when speaking with them. If you don’t know the word, just say it in English. Spelt but surely your parents will see that you are trying and will help you. TVB shows is the best for listening and learning new words. Variety shows are good for everyday speech.

  9. I work at a place that I only really work about 1.5 hours out of 8.5 (my boss knows I read to fill the time, he actually suggested it lol)

  10. What is your job and is there any openings for me? O.O

  11. Yes!!!! Sushi, all kinds of seafood, steak, you name it.

  12. Ignore them. I know it’s hard but please don’t let those trash make you down. They’re obviously envious of you knowing a variety of languages when they are stuck with one. Many people are like that. If they don’t have it, they don’t want others to have. But as if they can make that happen. Besides, they know it’s because they’re behind a screen that they have the nerve to write those things. Just remember that if they are actually breathing next to you, they wouldn’t even squeak a sound.

  13. I can understand you more or less. Italian guy here. I'm studying German and Japanese while trying to improve. I watch k dramas, anime and read manga, manhua and manhwa, and some people (online) told me to stop fetishizing Asian people and appropriating Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures (the funny thing is that those people were from the USA, and they weren't even Asian lol)

  14. I’m American and Chinese and I can tell you I’m happy you’re enjoying a culture so much that you would actually give learning Chinese a thought. I don’t care if your skin is blue. I appreciate you and your thoughts. Besides, my friends who are Chinese Americans as well barely speak proper Chinese anyway. It’s nice to know someone who actually appreciates the culture.

  15. Are you… reading 5 books at the same time? lol

  16. I kind of like reading multiple books at the same time. If I don’t have the mood for one book, I switch. It helps with my reading goal too. 😀

  17. I use both. Since goodreads doesn’t have tons of stats, I make my own in notion.

  18. Don’t hate me but I use my nails to type. My nails are around half an inch and I just type like normal. I used to can’t but I got used to it.

  19. Okay let’s see. 1…2…3… there’s 5 digits of ebook/audiobooks to read/listen for me.

  20. Goodreads for searching new books and stalking friends purposes. Notion for tracking and customization.

  21. Do you use any specific template for tracking in notion?

  22. I use a master database for my books. Then I relate it to my yearly tracker with multiple different formulas to show my goals and many different stats. For instance, average read, total pages, total books.

  23. I quite enjoy letting the dream take back control and 'playing' the dream rather than forcing it to do things for me

  24. Yes. You can also try changing your POV if you have the same dream. I’d really fun to see all sides of the dream.

  25. There are many things you could do. I mostly let the dream play out and see what’s up first. If you’re having the same dream, shift your pov. Change your character to the one next to you or something and let the dream play out. If you want to change things, try not to make it too extreme. I get bored easily if I do. Or better yet, get yourself into a game you’re recently playing. Make yourself a genshin impact character.

  26. Try to restart your phone. The app works fine on my end.

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