1. The first video that I saw of his was one of his first, if not his first, reaction to Little Mix, I immediately loved him. And we never got that LM5 reaction😭

  2. OMG I remembeeer, man I’ve been watching this man for so long 😂

  3. Ohhh I love Eleni, maybe FN? I feel like I see some width.

  4. Hi! So naturally, first you have to read as much as you can about Kibbe to learn about the IDs. What I personally consult is Gabrielle Arruda’s YouTube chanel and blog, Style thoughts by Rita’s YouTube Chanel, and, especially, this sub. This sub has amaziiing explanations of each type and the meaning of everything in the about section and in the menu, it really helped me to understand everything and they have fragments of Kibbe’s book explaining each ID. After you have some understanding of it you should take a picture of your full body in tight clothing (though not so tight it change your body) at chest level, and it can’t be a mirror selfie, this is the best way to look at your body without it being distorted. And after that you just have to kind of analyse your body with the knowledge that you have and see, well do I have width? Do I have vertical? Am I petite? And also think about how clothes fall in your body as that will help decide on some things, like maybe if shirts usually pull at your shoulders you have width, or if you look like your clothes are drowning you when you are wearing something oversized maybe you need waist definition. Also, you can post the photo of yourself in the ID help megathread in the sub, there people will tell you what they think your ID is based on the pictures, sometimes you get a bunch of different answers but it can be really helpful. And if it’s not clear you’ll have to play with the IDs lines to see which one suits you better. It’s a process, I have been at it for a few months and I’m stuck between 2 IDs, it takes some time, I’m still learning, but it’s honestly been great and even if I’m not set on an ID it’s really interesting, helpful and it’s cool to understand why some things that I wanted to look good on me didn’t, and why some things do look good.

  5. Gabrielle Arruda is as reliable as Aly Art, Merriam Style, Body and Style and pretty much every other YouTuber or TikToker. In general, they tend to mix up Kibbe's ideas with their own, which is expected but also confusing. If you're a beginner, I'd suggest not to start learning from them, as this can lead to misconceptions that could be hard to dismiss later. They're fun to watch and they can make some great points, but you should keep in mind that it's their own interpretation of the system.

  6. Sure, that’s why I said especially the resources on the sub, I just thought she was a good one to mention because honestly Gabrielle has been really helpful to me.

  7. Oh and there’s a Kibbe Facebook group with Kibbe himself where you can do exercises and it’s obviously super useful, I don’t have FG bit if you do maybe you can join it.

  8. Wow that’s incredible! You are so talented! I can’t imagine how much work you must have put into this.

  9. Ive always received comments about being underweight and it’s always been a major insecurity of mine, I’ve gained 30 lbs after two kids and my waist still looks like this, so it’s kind of weird to see people saying you have to be unhealthily underweight to have this waist. I’m 150lbs and 5’8.

  10. Yeah absolutely, there are some people who lose waist definition if they gain weight, but there are also people that don’t. That depends on your type of body and the way you gain weight, it’s so weird how people don’t realise that there are so many different bodies and that they all work differently. And yeah the comments about being unhealthy create so many insecurities, and so many girls that told me that, they would just absolutely disregard my feelings when I told them I wasn’t comfortable with those comments, because they think it’s fine to criticise your body if you are on the thinner side.

  11. There are lots of conventionally desirable traits that I DONT have as well, but i don’t assume that every woman with a fat ass for example has a BBL, some people just look like that, hence the trend having footing to begin in the first place.

  12. Same same, my ass is flat as hell honestly 💀 but that doesn’t mean that every girl that has a big ass is lying in some way, we just have different bodies. I wish people just thought like this more often.

  13. Thank you so much for these posts! It’s so hard to find modern SD inspiration.

  14. I think this are all awesome! They are ornate but kind of delicate, I think 3 and 6 are the best. Where are they from if you don’t mind me asking??

  15. Absolutely! So, my friend and I are both very pro consignment shopping. Both to save money and for ecological purposes. So they’re all from used sites. However, the brands are Anton Heunis, Shashi, and Amber Sceats. It’s a steal! One pair was $300 originally and I offered $35 and got them.

  16. Thanks so much! I’ll check out those sites 😊

  17. Love all of the different hair types in this! I have curly hair so it’s very appreciated. Who is the girl on the top centre if you don’t mind me asking??

  18. D all the way imo. The outfits here that are vertical-accommodating prove it. I will never understand the DC Shawn Mendes train, that man is a column lol.

  19. He is definitely a column lol, I was thinking DC because of some of his fits and a bit of yin but one of the comments convinced me of SD actually!

  20. oh yes, now that you mention it SD seems a much better fit, slightly softened wavy hair, a sense of more lightweight fabric & drape... haha its an unusual sensation for me to agree with someone on

  21. Haha it certainly doesn’t happen every day. Though somebody on the comments said it so I can’t take the credit😂

  22. Have you settled into an Image ID? Where do you find yourself in Rita’s system?

  23. So in Rita I’m Left and Up (but the left is more in the centre, I can still pull off right looks). In Kibbe, I’m between SD and TR, leaning towards SD more atm. I would like to buy more clothes on those lines to see which one fits me better but I for sure need a lot of curve accommodation, lightweight fabrics, lavish details and ornate jewellery and, from what I’ve seen, blouse recommendations are quite similar. Rn I feel like all of my summer clothes make me look very frumpy and shapeless. Thanks! 😊

  24. Okay perfect! I’ll take a look at some things today and get back to you.

  25. I love 10×10 capsules. If you are rebooting your style and you don't want to buy 50 new items that may or may not work together. 10×10 is a great way to focus in on key pieces that really exemplify your style, work for your lifestyle and work together cohesively.

  26. I honestly hadn’t thought of a capsule wardrobe before I posted this but it’s such a great idea. Thinking of buying 10 items is certainly much less daunting and practical than buying 50, and it’ll even be better for my pocket lol. Thanks so much!

  27. I would suggest looking into Darias Wonder Wardrobe method.

  28. Ohh interesting! You are totally right about the whole not having stuff to wear because it’s all the same style, I’ll keep it in mind, it’s a great tip. And yeah I’m still navigating all of the styles systems but they’ve been soo useful so far. Thanks so much for the detailed response!! I’ll check Daria out immediately!

  29. Idk about a lot of them but as a Spaniard I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Chanel lol she’s def some type of Romantic, I would agree pure R because I feel like I just see softness but she could be TR.

  30. Yes, I was debating on too if she's a R or TR. I think her face might be TR, but her body is more of a pure R in my eyes, so that's why I put her as R.

  31. Yeah I think I see pure yin in her body!

  32. I’m still learning but I agree with everybody else that Rita has been so important to me! I couldn’t understand why I honestly hated all of my clothes and, while a part of that is that I just need to learn how to dress for my body better (which is why I got into Kibbe), it was also really about how I would dress down when really I’m up, I like to put a lot of effort into my outfits and I like to be really dressed up, it makes me feel really good and confident but most of my wardrobe was/ is down and I would just wear that but I didn’t feel like myself. Obviously you can’t always be super dressed up but it’s helped me understand my relationship with my clothes so much more. Also I just started looking into seasonal colours theory but I can see that’s it’s really gonna help me because I struggle with what colours I look best in.

  33. I think you could be SD. I think you look taller than you are and look amazing in the long black dresses, not as good in the shorter ones, but you still look very cute

  34. Thanks! SD is winning definitely. Good to hear that I still look cute in short skirts because it’s waaay too hot outside where I live to wear anything else honestly 😂

  35. I see TR. I see curve and some sharpness. I don't see a strong vertical in any pics other than the monochromatic outfits which create a more vertical line.

  36. Thanks for the response! I actually typed myself as TR. It’s def between TR and SD, I don’t see a strong vertical either but I also get told that I look long so I’m really not sure 🤔And yeah I definitely need A LOT of waist definition, the difference it’s crazy. I’ll probably try both SD and TR lines this week and see how it goes.

  37. I actuality just read somewhere that the three most common types are SN, FN and then SD. But I agree that it definitely depend on where you are, that’s probably in North America. I have friends in Sweden, for example, and they are definitely taller with more angularity to them so I would say there’s more people leaning towards D there, whereas people in Latin America, which is where I’m from originally, are shorter and usually need more curve accommodation.

  38. This is awesome! My favourites are the 7th and 8th picture (the black and white dress and the black outfit), so modern and well put together and super unique.

  39. Would love to help! But what exactly would you like to know? Like how is the night life? The food? The people? The jobs?

  40. Yeah maybe the nightlife, the people and if it’s easy getting an English speaking job? I know the food will be spectacular! Thank you

  41. The nightlife and the people are great! There’s a lot of variety and there’s something for everyone, and Spaniards are very open and friendly, even though there’s a language barrier most people will try to make you feel at home. Also there’s a lot of bar culture, we really like to go to bars to drink, not necessarily alcoholics and we stay until it’s lateee, specially in summer, after work I’ll go for some drinks, ask for a Tinto de Verano and we’ll stay until it’s really late (which is another thing of the nightlife, for some foreigners the hours in which they finish parting are the hours in which we start partying 😂). I don’t know that much about the jobs, speaking English fluently it’s super important in a lot of jobs, but I think you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t know any Spanish, but I imagine there will be some opportunities in some English companies. I would still advise learning some Spanish though, at least the basics, being a Native English speaker and speaking a bit of Spanish would put you at a very good place to find a good job and it’ll be easier to make more local friends.

  42. Love this! And that colour is perfect for you!

  43. Honestly I think this outfits look amazing on you! You obviously look really good when you emphasise your waist and I think the more dressed up looks like the one on the first photo, or the jumpsuits that you showed look soo good (which I think goes with SD). I can see why you think you might be TR so you can do the same experiment with it but seeing this outfits my bet is in SD for now.

  44. new post with more pictures and TR/R/SD lines - feel free to check it out (only if you'd like to though!) and let me know your opinions :)

  45. My guess is SD. I totally think you have double curve but are too tall for romantic, though there are exceptions. Anyway you still have to keep trying outfits before you decide, to see what looks the best, but in my opinion, it’s between those.

  46. Agree with the comments! Total FN to me

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