This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

A golden splash of respect

  1. Nah man let him keep going, it’s provocative.

  2. Sounds like a bunch of people that have never actually had anything to be proud about before.

  3. I also don't believe he wanted to go to the NFC because of Eli. He and Eli are really competitive, but the three times they played each other it did not seem like they enjoyed those games.

  4. I wanted to see a Manning Bros Super Bowl matchup sooo bad.

  5. Daboll must be confused about the Belichick text he got earlier today

  6. Holy crap I already forgot about that whole situation haha

  7. Dang really? Man, I loved it. I must be easy to please.

  8. Obviously biased here and think that Julio cover is SICK. But that Peña one is dope af too.

  9. So, exempt from state bennies for being a fed, but not qualifying for multitudes of federal bennies for not being quite federal enough

  10. This comment caused me physical pain

  11. Kept getting lost In those diggs boys beautiful smiles.

  12. Hey Diggs boys, did you have a good relationship with your father? Me neither.

  13. The 2019 game might be the worst loss we’ve ever taken as a franchise. Even the cundiff game and the 06 divisional hurt less than this

  14. I still don’t understand not only how we won, but how we made it look so easy. Of course you guys wound up getting revenge the following year in the playoffs. But that 2019 divisional against you guys was just weird.

  15. And still managed to get on top of the ball lmao. Pretty crazy.

  16. If you owe and file late, they start tacking on fees and fines.

  17. Don’t threaten me with a good time

  18. Great that means Salt Bae is gonna be on the field during the MVP ceremony

  19. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

  20. I would be like the kid in that gif that’s sitting at the computer and looks at the camera to give an enthusiastic thumbs up

  21. Honestly this post is cathartic. Because I’ve wanted to do this many times. But I’m too nice of a guy and will take it to the door.

  22. What gets lost in the shuffle of the comeback is just that. Or run just a little more. Atlanta was averaging like 6 yards a carry too. Go up 11 and the Pats have like three minutes and no timeouts to score 11 points. Just completely irrational as it would've been like a 39 yard kick at worst

  23. Genuinely don’t understand why Shanahan had to get cute in that situation. It is literally the most obvious strategy given the situation. Just run the dang ball, bleed the clock, and then kick the field goal.

  24. I mean it was a gang. Just not the type you were thinking of....

  25. United States of America: Land of Gun Care and Health Control

  26. I'm a teacher. I can assure you nothing happened to that student. He was sent back to class with chips.

  27. Imagine if you were on original earth as that happened. You would first notice as the Mars-sized planetoid approached that gravity was changing. Tides were different, weather changes. As it approached closer and closer your weight would begin to decrease as you grew lighter and lighter. Maybe the planet would go dark as it consumed the sky from horizon to horizon. Eventually the gravity would be so different that you’d begin to feel weightless as the planetoid got closer. Earthquakes would likely be severe, tidal waves would sweep over the ground, and then the collision would crack the earth open like an egg, with all the hot gooey yolk, I mean magma exploding outward end ejecting en masse into space. So much would be ejected that it would begin to clump together by its own gravity, and form an orbit around the new earth.

  28. People who actively seek to get (and sometimes spread) STIs. Or more broadly people who find the idea of doing that sort of thing arousing.

  29. Very first answer I read and I already need to exit the thread.

  30. No shot they do all this just to hire Saturday right? Someone please tell me I’m right

  31. Irsay is being this thorough for a lot of reasons.

  32. Imagine strapping all this shit on and then being like “Ok, Im off to Subway” like you are normal and not a complete psychopath.

  33. Well man it’s because this is America: Land of Gun Care and Health Control

  34. Would be an absolute fleece by the Bears.

  35. Shaq has said in interviews he's really, really bad with money but for like the best reasons. He's constantly going around blowing thousands of dollars on strangers just for the hell of it. Stand up guy.

  36. One of my favorites is when he goes to Walmart and buys that little kid a bike. He makes the kid go ask his mom if it’s ok that he buys him one. Then after she says yes, he gives the kid a mini lecture to not go trusting strangers now that this happened.

  37. you could tell Romo didn't even know about the Burrowhead stuff until Nantz pointed it out to him; even Nantz knew about it

  38. Romo’s situation is the actual “regress to the mean” post that guy made about Mahomes

  39. You mean to tell me the dude who knocked out a girl before the nfl is still violent towards women?

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